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As the snow stops falling quite so heavily, and the roads are much easier to pass (but with a little effort, nonetheless), word finally starts to travel between towns and taverns.

Since Yule, more figures in white have shown up, appearing and disappearing in instants. During the bigger, more sudden snowstorms, they've taken refuge in taverns, always in pairs, keeping mostly to themselves. Word has it that a rare few have caught glimpses of their faces while eating, telling of strange markings. More common are the talk of their words, and the language they use. No one can understand it, still, but these pairs of people have picked up sporadic words of Common. When they repeat those words, it tends to be very heavily accented.

At least one pair has been seen writing something, but no one has yet been able to read what it could be. No papers have been left behind.

With the warmer temperatures of the last few days, they have nearly all disappeared again.

One pair, however, are currently at a location known as "The Tea Tree" in Chimeron.
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