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Chimeron lands: A long-haired male in green & white has been wandering around the lands of Chimeron, looking lost. He keeps looking into different churches, temples, and shrines, even stopping at road-side altars and never really engaging with the objects found there. When approached or asked, he mentions looking for his faith again... "Although, personally, I want people to give up on gods; they're never there for you when you need them, and all they want are souls."

He went on to say that souls were where the real power comes, not gods, and yet he is looking for his faith, anyway, or for any members of The Hidden Order, or any who might defy the gods. He also speaks an odd worry over about a Magus Bright, wondering if he should "give the Tree some room".

Rhiassa: Preparations are in their final stages for the two super teams of Team Kara and Team Hooray! to make their debut on the fields at Queen of Hearts.

Eagle's Rook: Within the borders, at a farmstead, many citizens were found sound asleep in the middle of a forest that sprang up overnight it seems. With perseverance, they were woken, but when questioned about what happened they only seemed to become more and more confused, spouting things about "Arius", "too much Aid", "Balthazar" and "Gaia's blessing", none of which made sense. Balthazar himself has gone missing.

North-Eastern territories: At the river crossing that lines Tuath Fusach, Folkestone and Draconia, fishermen have said that the floating tree is gone.

Along the road to Fairhaven: A woman dressed in faded blue was found beaten to death, stripped of possessions. No family or relatives in the surrounding area has come forth to claim her.

Gau Dring: The members of the nation have been finding some large creatures prowling about. They often don't have a particular form or species...such is the way of things in lands filled with chaos portals.

Chimeron: In local towns and taverns near the Western border, there is a large hooded being looking for information on "Sir Iawen Penn" when questioned about their inquiry, the being is overheard only saying "There is a price to pay for your actions. For her, I am that price." Anyone seen attempting to attack the being would suddenly turn pale and fall dead. Local healers were able to revive the victims, but the victims have no memory of the incident, beyond feeling "incredibly cold". People have been advised to answer the being's questions if asked, but recommended to avoid it, if possible.

Unclaimed Lands, where the late Daybreak stood: a locked Tower is still locked, and no human thus far has been able to open it.

Ivory: A dark elf has been making the rounds within the Library, studying up for something important that he says 'might grant answers to the wind'. He also mentions that he'd be at the Feast of Folkestone.
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