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Unclaimed Lands, Jade Dragon Tea House:
Strange things happened between an old beggar man and a squire from Eagle’s Rook. There was quiet a stir when cries for help were heard and the squire was seen bleeding from his nose, eyes, and some say his ears. The beggar ran off saying something about “not being worth his life”. An elf maid came to the squire's aid, and promptly healed him. The squire proceed to climb up the tree the drifter was staying in and took a bag down that had some strange gold flakes leaking out of it. Some say it was fairy dust, others think the squire was trying to do the right thing and return the sack to its owner. Something about “lives at stake”. The Eagle’s Rook Squire and elf maid then quickly took two of the Jade Dragon carriage horses and left for the mountain gorge trail in quite a hurry. It was quiet a strange commotion that left everyone with questions and a night full of conversation. Business was quite lucrative for the Jade Dragon, so much so that they will have to close for a week until they can resupply!
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