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Rumors have arisen far and wide of a few oddities noted among the commoners of many lands.

Several commoners report having heard very strange but beautiful singing. Some claim they sometimes heard this sound, or a similar one, in the past, but haven’t for several years. Those that attempt to describe the sound simply can’t find good words, but often fall back to describing the sounds as ‘achingly beautiful,’ ‘haunting,’ ‘enchanting’ or ‘the perfect sounds to describe a perfectly gorgeous sunrise.’

Other rumors have people describing some kind of out of season meteor shower. In all of the tales, there was a sound, like a silver bell chiming once, then streaks started appearing in the sky, moving westward from the sea, or southwestward from any point north of Chimeron, or northwestward from any point south of the borderlands. The streaks simply seemed to wink out of sight at a specific certain point, which is unusual in a meteor shower… it was like the lights somehow went through an unseen door in the sky.

Confusing rumors of people getting lost in their home towns or abroad have cropped up intermittently throughout the Realms. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the occurrences, but commoners far and wide have had similar experiences: They have gone on an errand or whatnot to some well-known and established place, and found their destination missing completely, as if it never was. Those that report experiencing such are being written off as lunatics, as other continue to visit and see these places.
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