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One port town is disturbed by high pitched shrieks and howls in the early morning this week. The body of a woman in a green dress was found, her throat ripped open. Strange prints were found in the sand belonging to an unknown creature they suppose. There's been some high alert in the area, but there hasn't been any disturbance since.

A merchant ship also burned and sank into the sea to the east of the island. Only a few survivors, the captain is said to have gone down with his ship.

Alchemists and artificers across the Realms have been reporting robberies carried out by small groups of people. While money was occasionally taken, potions or other magical devices were always found missing after each incident. These bandits are said to have oddly colored hands.

as a separate rumor:

There have been reports from Fae as well as parts of Chimeron that there have been occasional sightings of what look like animated rocks. Fae who have encountered them claim they are fae stones, and that they should be destroyed on sight.

Blackwood: One of the giant scorpions in Achoria was seen doing some kind of ritual dance. Once it noticed it had a audience it quickly skulked away.

Saurabia: Saurabia was shocked with the attendance of its tour last weekend, and plans to institute a cap on all future tours. The tourism industry in Saurabia also would like to apologise for not double-checking the route to confirm that there would be no obstructions.

Eagle's Rook
An armed patrol brought 7 prisoners to the keep and threw them into the dungeon there.
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