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Eagle's Rook borders, just south of Blackavar: A tree burst into flames, apparently hit by lightning. It didn't catch the surrounding trees on fire nor burn very long, but when scouts investigated they found a burnt corpse, about the size of a small child.

North-Eastern territories: At the river crossing that lines Tuath Fusach, Folkestone and Draconia, fishermen begin to tell of a floating tree whenever the fog rolls in this past month. Attempts to actually get close to the tree via the boats have proved fruitless for them.

Along the road to Fairhaven: A woman dressed in faded scarlet was found beaten to death, stripped of possessions. No family or relatives in the surrounding area has come forth to claim her.

Gau Dring: The members of the nation have been finding some large creatures prowling about. They often don't have a particular form or species...such is the way of things in lands filled with chaos portals.

Creathorne: Creathorne Naval Reserve in Irador there was a rather large argument over the Shipment of tropical trees and plants that had arrived. Some say a Creathorne member with a beard was very Irate and was yelling at a ship captain "This is nowhere the amount we agreed upon, Where are the other Ship loads?"..

Chimeron: Since the re-colonization and re-forestation of Chimeron has been under way, the Militia have kept an eye on a series of mountains in the central West corners of the country. In specific lies a series of mountains near the borders to Darkvale and Eagle's Rook. Nicknamed the Grey Lock mountains, because the rivers that run from them are usually dark and murky rather than clear, this small section of the mountain chain has seen unusual activity. For many years the largest of them, Black Squall mountain, was thought to simply be fraught with constant storms upon its peaks, and so most simply stayed away. But within the past years, a red fire seems to burst from the clouds, indicating that the Black Squall may in fact be a volcano. So far the activity of the mountain tends to stay upon its top, but the Militia is wary. A Small dragon has been seen about the taverns in Chimeron, asking for aid to reclaim a Treasure from the Black Squall. When inquiring if the quest and the eruptions were related, the Dragon has commented in saying, "Well, kind of. You are gonna have to time it right. There is only a small window of opportunity. Oh and a large dragon lives there too. Maybe more creatures.... Listen, you should probably try bringing a few people."

Southern Rhiassa: Thunderstorms at night have been oddly frequent. Naturalists studying the phenomenon have noted a relationship between their timing and the alignment of the bright line of starts that some call the Milky Way.

Chimeron: In local towns and taverns near the Western border, there is a large hooded being looking for information on "Sir Iawen Penn" when questioned about their inquiry, the being is overheard only saying "There is a price to pay for your actions. For her, I am that price." Anyone seen attempting to attack the being would suddenly turn pale and fall dead. Local healers were able to revive the victims, but the victims have no memory of the incident, beyond feeling "incredibly cold". People have been advised to answer the being's questions if asked, but recommended to avoid it, if possible.

Eagle's Rook, main city: Vawn's birthday was apparently celebrated without Sir Vawn himself being present last weekend. Cows were attempting to do serious damage to any of the adventurers. The L.I.A.R.S. performed and a gray elf mentioned falling for one of the lovely ladies. Zhand's Emporium had a number of sales and trades. A six-year squire named Hermian was knighted. And all through that, everyone kept forgetting about a Time Snarl that was apparently under the main tavern hall, if they remembered/saw it at all. A few of the Coupants who were tidying up the outside of the hall this morning, however, found a red-and-black-bird-type creature, blissfully asleep underneath the steps.

Unclaimed Lands: In Argyll, a locked Tower that stood strong through the Bedlam Wars apparently shifted back into View on Saturday, but on Sunday it was gone, then re-appeared on Monday where the late village of Daybreak once stood. It is still locked, and no human thus far has been able to open it.
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