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Primal Chaos, Primal Law

Primal Chaos: Chaos and Law are forces that are present to some degree in all planes. The Realms, for example, sways back and forth depending on certain circumstances. Sometimes Chaos is more powerful than Law, sometimes not, but both are always present. It seems that most planes exist in a dynamic state of balance like this, though in some Chaos or Law has a decided advantage. In some planes, one or the other of these forces has "won" the battle and taken over. Primal Chaos is such a plane. I do not know where Chaos and Law originated, but if it was from one place, this would be where Chaos started. If not, then this plane could be considered more of a stronghold or headquarters for the forces of Chaos in the Multiverse. Primal Chaos is not Good or Evil, just Chaotic.

Primal Order: Very similar, but opposite, to the plane of Primal Chaos, the plane of Primal Order or Primal Law, is a plane where Law has completely wiped out all traces of Chaos. It may be the home of Law, or it may be just a plane where the forces of Law are centralized. Like Chaos, Primal Law is not Good or Evil, just organized and lawful. - Sir Aeryk Valjeusaren

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