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World Horizon

This is the translation of the Codex found in Night Sky during the quest to save the plane from the Darkness. (Translated by Harlest and others)

This is the codex of the sun and the stars. All that is here shall come
to pass, for that is the will of creation. At the dawn of time, when the
universe was young, the horizon was cut between the earth and the sky to
forever separate the two halves. The world was charged with the creation
of life, and the sky with its protection. And all was good. Time flowed
on, but not to the note of the denizens of the world horizon, for they
had no way to mark its passing. The sky did hear the cries below and so
it did split with the great light of the sun moving to the land of the
dawn and the lesser light of the stars and the moon moving to the land
of the night. Now divided in their eternal vigil, the world of night sky
and dawn tomorrow marked the days of world horizon and gave time to her
people. Thus did the triad remain with the sun and the stars and he
creatures filling their roles so well that the roles were forgotten at
the time of the ending. When no one remembered the codex was again
discovered, and with it, the purpose of the twin guardians. The sky must
protect the world which it serves, or it must die in the attempt.
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