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Myth Drannor

Author: Torin Silverbow of Creathrone
Date: unknown

The Fall of Myth Drannor

Long ago, as humans reckon time, the elven civilization was at itís peak. Elven learning and culture far surpassed anything this world had yet seen. The flame of humankind had not yet begun to burn brightly.
The elven people were many and their societies were far flung and diverse, but the
jewel in the elven crown was the capitol city of Myth Drannor. Mighty and Majestic, Myth Drannor had stood for thousands of years. Built and maintained by elven magic, this city was the heart of elvish culture. This was the place where they stored all there knowledge. From here they waged their wars to keep the evil races in check. Here they worked their powerful magic.
Just as the city was linked by roads to itís neighbors, so was it linked by gates to their allies on other planes and in other lands.
The fact that the city was fabulously rich was no secret. Perhaps it was the wealth, or the magic, or simply hatred for the elves, but something brought about the cityís fall.
Something brought the demons.

The passage of time and the inaccessibility of the city had left matters unclear, but it is known that the city suffered a massive assault by Demonic forces, and the Drow.
The attackers struck from inside the city. Somehow, the very Gates the elves depended upon for aid had been turned against them. (Writings left by those who had escaped the massacre seem to indicate that the Drow called upon their Dark Goddess, the Spider Queen Lolth, to tamper with the gates, giving the demons a portal into the city.)
The fighting was brutal and lasted several days. When it began to look as if the city was to fall, the ruling council commanded that the population evacuate through the (still unstable) Gates.
A small force of Volunteers, led by Archduke Tolori, stayed on to hold the city long enough for their last gambit. Tolori led his small group into battle, aided by warrior priests of Corellon Larethian, a sorcerer named Jeremiah Darksparkle, two rangers named Ronimere and Majot, and Eflten, captain of the guard.
They fought a demon lord called Toraxe, and an archpriest of Lolth, who was know only as Shar. While Tolori made his stand, the cityís greatest mage, Targal the Bright, worked a mighty spell to bring the entire city to another plane of existence and seal most of itís active gates. Something went wrong. Targalís spell went awry, with terrible effect. Myth Drannor became trapped in itís own demi-plane, sealing itís remaining inhabitants in the city, along with the invaders. It is known that some few elves escaped through the collapsing gates in the last few moments, their retreat covered by eflten, who died defending his post. Tolori and his followers were trapped within, doomed to perpetual war with their most hated foes.
The cityís fall signalled the end of an era, and the waning of elven power. Thus did Myth Drannor pass into legend.
Targal still lives (though he is quite insane) and still strives to save his beloved city.

Researched and written by Torin Silverbow year 997

At the Tournaments at Creathorne in the year 997, a most unusual thing occurred. A gate, which had collapsed in Myth Drannor some one thousand years ago, opened at the edge of a tourney field, expelling a handful of elves, who had, in their minds, just fled the imperiled city moments before. The instability of the gate had caused it to open to a random place and time. They did not know their city had died generations before.
After a brief period of adjustment, these elves learned of the fate of the city, trapped in a small demi plane by Targal's magic. The inhabitants of the city can be slain, but the magic of the place brings them back to life again in moments.The Elflord Tolori and the Demonlord Toraxe had been fighting an unending war that none could ever win.
The Myth Drannan elves learned that Targal was still alive, and that he had reopened the Gates to the city in past years at the Tournaments, counting on certain astrological conjunctions to make it possible.
They quickly convinced the Humans in Creathorne to come with them back into the city, to take it back from Toraxe. Their plan was to kill the demons and drow in the city, and drag them back though the gates onto the Realms side, where the magic of Myth Drannor would not regenerate them.
Though well conceived, the plan failed. Toraxe and his legions were unstoppable. In a savage battle that lasted over two hours, the humans were soundly defeated, and barely managed to take their dead with them before the gates failed again. Tolori was possibly the only elf left in the city, and was seen hurling lightning bolts as the gates closed.
The Elves of Myth Drannor were now trapped in the realms for another year. They agreed to separate and travel the human lands, searching for allies in their next attempt to retake the city, in the year 998.
They have spent a year questing in the human lands, some searching for a magic blade called Eflten's sword. A search in Chimeron was inconclusive. The whereabouts of the weapon are unknown.
As spring wanes, and summer approaches, the Myth Drannan elves have returned to the north, weary and discouraged, but hopeful that Targal will come again.
They have asked that those who stood with them one year ago would do so again, if needs be.

Written by Torin Silverbow of Creathorne
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