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Believed to be some sort of mountain by the Ancient Greeks and Romans that worshiped here because it was "above" their world, Olympus is home to a large pantheon of Gods. Ruled over by Zeus and Hera, each of these Gods have certain powers relating to their individual tasks running the mortal world. If you're willing to do them favors and go questing, this is a good place to seek aid from Gods, but beware: they regard mortals as entertainment, and may cause you trouble as easily as they may help you. I highly advise staying out of the politics between the Gods if you can! - Sir Aeryk Valjeusaren

Since then (May 996), Olympus has been visited only one or two handfuls of time, each time less and less interaction from the Gods there and the people and tales and treasures lessening. It is as if the plane is slowly fading out over time. There was a brief resurgence in Sun Worship (Apollo to our Aurora) when Luna revealed the poetry about Bedlam, but it went away as fast as it started as Apollo from the Realms side provided no tangible benefits to the war against The Infinite Dark.
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