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The Rainbow Plane

Author: Baron Diamond Banecroft
Date: unknown
The Rainbow Plane:

Being uniquely informed about the Rainbow Plane, I am writing to share the information so that others will benefit from our hard-won experience.

The Rainbow Plane is a place full of endless dark mists. Navigation is impossible unless you have a goal in sight. Furthermore, the terrain shifts gradually. Fortunately, each color is visible from a ways away, and from each color's vantage point you will probably be able to see one or two other colors, allowing you to gradually make your way to your objective. The plane is difficult to reach.

The Colors themselves are very powerful entities, their exact nature and origin unknown. While I can remember much about them, on our quest we took from white a complete description of each color. Unfortunately this information has been lost; while I have traced it to Pyromania, whoever has it now is unknown. I would be extremely grateful if this showed up again. We won that information from terrible danger, and I would hate for it to be lost. The Color entities cannot leave their plane without help, and they lust to concour other realms. Anyone on their plane MUST take great care not to release more of these evil beings on the multiverse. Here is what I can recall of them:

GREEN: Green is tricky. It killed our guide and shapeshifted to take her place, thinking to escape to the Realms when we took the 'guide' with us as we escaped. Randal or Meerkat saw through this strategy.

BLUE: Many people have seen Blue in the Realms. In the rainbow plane, Blue was a trap. Dsiguised as a hand-and-a-half magic weapon, it transformeed into Blue when the survivors of the first expedition escaped to the Realms. Touching the sword in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER seems to be death, even Protect The Soul did not help. Once touched, the sword reverts to Blue's form, which can be killed by magic, but it has armor. Blue should be returned to the Rainbow Plane if possible, but attempts so far have resulted only in frustration, although twice we seemed to come tantalizingly close.

RED: Red posesses people's soul by offering them a Black Rose. DO NOT ACCEPT a black rose if offered to you. Originally, Gwen of Banecroft was possessed but she was freed on the first expedition to the Rainbow Plane. To free the soul, you must go to the Rainbow Plane and take the soul back from Red. Warning: he offers a deal to get the soul back, namely that someone must take that souls place for eternity. Your best bet may be to do what we did, namely distract Red while someone grabs the soul. Lately, Quartz of Folkestone has been possessed by Red.

PURPLE: Purple is just dangerous. He attacks ferociously. Magic is of some use against him, but it won't hold him off for long.

YELLOW: We did not meet Yellow. Judging from the notes we stole from White, (yes the ones currently missing) I judged Yellow to be more of a danger than Orange. Knowing how terribly dangerous Orange is, I'd hate to face Yellow.

ORANGE: This enigmatic being is dangerous to interact with in any way. Merely talking to or approaching Orange will cause you to be her paralized prisonner. A 'Circle of Protection' around you (if you are an enchanted being who can't pass through circles) when you adress her might protect you for a second, but at the cost of your knowledge of the spell. A 'protect the soul' spell might work better, but it hasn't been tested. You should avoid Orange if you possibly can.

WHITE: White is the leader of the Colors, or at least thinks he is. He had extensive notes on how he was manipulating all the other colors as part of his grand scheme to take over the Realms. He is very egotistical, and an obseqious attitude may delay for a few minuites a confrontation with his Thralls. His Thralls are mortal beings which he has posessed. While they are not too difficult to kill, they will keep floating back to White and being regenerated endlessly. You need to kill the Thralls and then raise them before White does, and they will be free. The first time encountered, White had Fay as thralls. After we beat them, Meerkat distracted White while I took all his papers. Among the papers were his information on the other colors, a manual of the Blackstar Guild on magical lore, and Prospero's soul. Meerkat had Prospero's soul, but I beleive it was lost when he in turn was posessed at the quest Into The Depths of Chimeron to pacify the Earth Goddess.

Do not go into the Rainbow Plane lightly. Do not let any of the colors out. Take a 'protect the soul' spell. While there, only go to your objective. Pass by what colors you do not need to see, and at all costs remember to have a way to get back to the Realms under your own power! The original gate you come through should close off, trapping you there but also preventing the Colors from making an easy escape. The way to get back into the Realms under you own power should be something unstealable. If a knight of Eagle's Rook or a mage with 'Divine intervention' falls into the hands of the enemy, it is possible that the colors will not escape as easily as they could with a stealable item. Either way, you want to keep that from falling into the hands of the colors at all costs. Could a posessed mage cast the intervention to free a color? I'd hate to think of it.

I wish Folkestone luck, and hope this helps. This information may be out of date and innacurate. For example between the first and second expeditions, White's Thralls became more difficult to stop, requiring that they be raised and not just immobilized.
Baron Diamond Banecroft
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