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Nexus (or The Nexus)

The Nexus is, in a nutshell, a magical crossroads of all of the planes. Here, you can find a way into just about any plane imaginable, and some that aren't. Assuming, that is, that you can find your way anywhere. Though it is not a plane of Chaos, per se, it is most certainly chaotic. Portals and gateways pop open and closed all over the place, and wandering about will most likely teleport you to these random planes without control. Powerful enchantments are available to control these effects, but nonetheless, the Nexus is a confused and confusing place. - Sir Aeryk Valjeusaren

The Nexus in the last decade or so has been spotted and traveled through repeatedly by many adventurers, and some have even recorded their experiences elsewhere in the Library. The Nexus, for the past few years, has seemed to show up near to the base camps of the Knights of the Eternal Flame in the autumn/fall, sparking rumor that one or many among their ranks might know a secret or two about The Nexus itself and its comings & goings.
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