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"Norlund" as a category here is being used as the umbrella to refer to a particular Material Plane, known to its people as Midgard, and its own unique constellation of connected planes. Norlund itself is the name of one of the lands in Midgard, from which the people we have met first came.

As a very brief summary, the worlds of Norlund had a prophesied end: an apocalypse called Ragnarok in which the gods would fight and die, and the world would be destroyed and eventually remade. This was considered a good thing by its people, a way of staving off stagnation.

Roughly as Ragnarok was due to begin, the Bedlam War reached Norlund, and the darkness consumed several key gods and the weapons they would use to fight. This plunged Norlund into a wasting period in which there was too little power to go on yet not enough power to bring about the end of the world as required by the prophecy.

Some of the people of Norlund reached out to the Realms, and managed to open a gateway by which there could be some travel between the planes. In the years following the defeat of Mad Tom, the Realms came to Norlund's aid multiple times. At first, the expectation was to set Ragnarok back on track, but eventually, a path was seen to create new gods and refresh the world without also requiring the deaths of all who currently lived there. As seen in the "Epilogue" recorded in this library, this has been accomplished and a new world is beginning to take shape.
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