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Author: Kethrellen the Red
Date: unknown

As the dust still settles from our "Jaunt into Gaol", I feel compelled to warn others of the dangers of this place. As Sir Giles Kulkane, Paladin of Aurora once said, "Their is no Darkness greater than Ignorance." As a follower of Light and Truth I will seek to shed a little of both on this tainted place.

Travelling into Gaol:
While gates into Gaol generally open in the Lands of Coventry, it is possible to open them elsewhere. No matter how you get in, it is important that you carry some alternative means of getting out.

What few constants we know about Gaol

1.) When any given group enters Gaol, they are given a token. This token allows a number of creatures equal to the size of the group less one to exit Gaol(i.e. 17 go in, 16 can leave). It is better to go in one large group of say, 22, than in three groups of 17, 3, and 2. Less people get left behind that way.

2.) When a token is "activated", the first 16(or whatever the token # is) creatures through the gate count towards the token.

3.) Tokens are not individual specific. It is not necessary for the same people who entered to be the ones who leave.

4.) The denziens of Gaol are indivduals who were left behind from previous expeditions or who became trapped there by another means. Very few, if any of them, are interested in staying. Their numbers include demons et. al., some of whom are very tough to kill. If you must go into Gaol it is not a bad idea to take a group that is sizable enough to hold off such creatures that the intended individuals may leave. Magic weapons are usually necessary.

5.) Nobody "dies" in Gaol. If you receive a deathblow, you drop for 120 seconds. After this you get up and your wounds are healed(Note: I do not believe your limbs are repaired if they are shattered). Once your leave Gaol, assuming you have died at least once, you fall to the ground instantly dead. You must be raised as many times as you have fallen. Please refer to the mystic image of Magus Heron with the 111 purple question marks that will hopefully be on one of those magic "web pages" shortly for an example of said phenomenon. Thanks are owed to the Lady Tuk of the Clan for helping to raise so many of those who went into Gaol this Friday past.

6.) While you are "dead" in Gaol, anything of value is very likely to be stripped from your body. These items may be put up as stakes by the residents to the Champion or Dream Demon, two thoroughly evil individuals who are very powerful and may be able to get you out of Gaol. Their price is often very high, however, as Nero and Crow can attest to. Anyone dealing with said indivduals should be extremely careful. Even if you "win" their game you may not go home with the same prize that you though you had.

7.) There is little to be gained in Gaol. There may be the occasional magic sword left behind by not-so-intrepid adventurers, but such items usually end up in the hands of the Champion or Dream Demon, etc. Aside from rescuing an individual trapped in Gaol, there are few good reasons to travel there. "I've never been to Gaol" is not one of them. This is not some exotic far-off land we speak of, it is the Crossroads to Hades, Garm's realm. Going there is dumb. Going there without a very-compelling reason is really dumb.

8.) There are many strange and/or interesting creatures in Gaol. You will be tempted to interact with them. To do so is to put yourself in grave jeopardy. You may be able to get information from these beings, but not without a price, usually a fairly high one. At the same time, making friends with a powerful creature or two is not a bad idea. Keep in mind, however, that any demons you let loose on the Realms are your responsibility.

9) Last but not least, at the risk of being repetative, Don't Go to Gaol unless you HAVE to!!!!!

I will answer any questions I am able to.

In Service to Chimeron and the Realms,

Kethrellen of Rhiassa
Servant of Aurora
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