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Negative and Positive Energy

Author: Ged
Date: 5/14/12
I learned this from a particular extraplanar being. It concerns the Plane of Positive Energy, and the Plane of Negative Energy, in the context of an upcoming quest expected to travel to the Negative one.

The two planes seem to be fundamental, the sources of their corresponding types of energy in the multiverse.

Positive and Negative energy are opposites, acting in opposed ways and attracted to each other as naturally as two sides of a magnet. They do not conform to the cerebral concepts of "Good" or "Evil." However, the nature of positive energy is giving. In particular, giving life, but other things as well. Negative energy, however, takes. Thus, living beings traveling to the Plane of Negative Energy must be protected, or will have their life force taken from them by the energy suffusing the plane.

Clear (or white, I believe but am less certain of) crystals can be filled with positive energy. A crystal about one inch across is, when filled, sufficient to protect one living being from the effects of the Negative Energy Plane for one hour.

The most obvious way to acquire positive energy is to call a creature from that plane, which is a natural source of it. The letter detailing the ritual to call one of these is attached to this report. When the ritual is performed, a creature will answer the call, come to this plane, and be kept inside the Circle of Protection. An interesting note is that no portals are opened during this process, in the usual sense, which sidesteps a number of issues that could otherwise arise. If left to its own devices, the being will, as is in its nature, continually give of itself, likely healing the sick and raising the dead, until it has finally drained itself and perishes. Thus, when the purpose of conducting the ritual has been completed, the creature should be Banished, with the standard spell, back to its home plane.

When a positive energy creature has answered the call, the best course of action is to negotiate with it, and attempt to convince it to give up some of its energy to fill the presented crystals. It can do this fairly quickly, however, if left unchecked, will give up its energy until it perishes, as mentioned before. Its nature is to give, and so it will not stop. However, killing one of the creatures, or allowing it to die, is likely to draw the ire of others on its plane, so the best plan is most likely to call one, negotiate, and try to arrange for multiple creatures to be willing to arrive and fill crystals, and to send them home or otherwise stop them when they have given as much energy as is safe (a Seer should be able to use their talents to watch for when one is getting dangerously "empty"). The beings are intelligent but highly alien to those of the Realms, so negotiation should be attempted with care. There is a chance that unintelligent creatures from the plane will answer the call, and if this happens the best bet is most likely to banish them and try again.

It is also possible, as detailed in the letter containing the ritual, to drain the energy out of the creature from the Plane of Positive Energy into crystals, whether it is willing or not. In addition to the negative interplanar implications of doing this, the process is incredibly slow. A crystal which can protect a living being for one hour takes five minutes to charge. If the intention is to protect a group of 30 adventurers for 6 hours, for example, 15 hours will be required.

If anyone has any questions, I am not the best source, by a long shot, to go to. Instead, ask spirits of the natural world, or even beings actually from the Positive Energy Plane, through Seances or other, similar magic. I have merely recorded what I was told in one sitting.

I hope this aids some of you in your endeavors.
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