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Convergences '11

Quest 1# - The Crypt of Snakes and Stars
Luna cannot wait any longer for one to notice, and thus it has been left to a dark-skinned elf to clear the caverns under Achoria of serious wrong-doing. Will people join the elf, or block him in his tracks? And more importantly, will he and his pack be able to get to the kidnapped one in two hours time, or be forced to finally see the repercussions of just 'dismissing the Shut-In'?

This took place in the beginning of June at some point, within the first ten days. Because I wasn't informed about the dire goings on in Achoria, I instead went elsewhere to answer the call of the other quests across the Realms those days. Little notes I have gathered were:
- Achoria was being led by a dopple-ganger, looking like Lord Valas Baneshot, put there by the Black Star Guild.
- Underneath Achoria, the real Baneshot had been kept for months (since December of 1010) and was finally being sacrificed by a group called 'The Torch' to Space and Fire.
- Laurante was commanded by the goddess Luna herself to go retrieve him, dead or alive.
- Atticus first used his new call of MAGE here.
- Shane of Val'Dara's soul was obliterated, apparently willingly, so he could heal a bunch of people.
- Phoenix of Folkestone was bitten by one of the were-creatures (and is apparently better now).
- The group was somewhat successful in at least acquiring the real Baneshot, but Blackwood opted to keep him down and dead, impaled, safe in Blackwood until they feel they can better raise and question him. Since that was back in June, and it is now September, I doubt we shall see the real Valas Baneshot ever again, let alone have enough raises to bring him back, even if he wanted to be. My heart weeps.
Quest 2 - The Stars Have Fallen
Heroes, Thieves, Kings, Queens and Everyone In-between... You have no doubt read my poem, if you haven't it was posted tavern wide how did you miss it? Which mind you takes a lot of time to write over and over again... Not to mention takes a lot of ink, and Elven carriers, and pigeons, pigeons, ribbons, polka dotted griffins...
Pardon me I digress, I am not here to recite poetry... though I have been told I have a knack for it... Oh right, I'm still writing aren't I? Please don't answer that... You see I have been lost or rather I have lost my way, perhaps I am lost, this is the Realms isn't it? By all means answer that one...

This quest was about the falling star constellations, this one specifically Gemini. A large group of Realmsies met with Hesperus Star-Keeper, who can only appear when the stars are out and showing thus far (so twilight and/or clear nights). He needed our help in locating the Twins, Gemini, and not only putting them back together (pairing them up), but in placing them back in the sky and locking their House in good order. Folkestone was the largest nation gathered there for that one: I worked with many of them including Mestoph, Quayloth, and a guy named Nimbus. Yes, I said a guy. I think he's human, too. They were able to recover star charts, and Quinn (along with many others) when they kept destroying monsters ahead found pieces of paper that were the story of Gemini's Twins, Castor and Pollux, their wives, their hobbies, and what doom befell them. When both twins were pacified, the story was read out-loud so they could remember. More on the twins, the Stars falling, the cult that caused it to happen from afar, and so forth can be found here in the Library. In the end, Hesperus led us back safely to the Realms, and ventured forth with us to Darkvale.
Quest #3 - Days of our Darkvale

Greetings, I speak on behalf of the true people of Darkvale. The Treaty is in violation. The Treaty is contested. We invite you for a small portion of time into our lands to witness the changes that will be wrought. We invite you to speak one final time before we commence with the alterations that Darkvale so badly needs. I say again, the Treaty is in violation. The Treaty is contested. I look forward to this. We all do. - Disciple

This is better written by someone who was close to the fires, close to the politics. As an outsider, watching the proceedings with Hesperus, it was tough to bring some semblance of caring to the proceedings. Coventry (my current nation) was sworn that no matter what, we are to remain neutral unless Darkvale attacks us or our lands. Prince Gideon, Ashada, and Sir Amergin then decided to guard the Western Flank, so I was left to guard the Star-Keeper, who kept asking the names of people and attempting to guess their Star Signs. Sir Chan, Sir Oliver, Dame Faelinn, Sir Cain, and I think another were holding that they ought to have Darkvale in some fashion, though again one should probably ask the people closer to the fire. Many an innocent peasant, good/bad adventurer, and monster was here at these proceedings, spread out amongst the woods, water, and amphitheater. A nameless servant of Justari himself told us that as long as we stayed 'on the path' then nothing and no one would harm us. After one particular nasty vocal blast from Sir Cain, Hesperus no longer wanted any part of the proceedings, so we walked through throngs of monsters (some armed, some not) as we winded our way to the portal gate made, connecting Folkestone to Darkvale just for this portion of the evening. We weren't resting for much more than ten minutes when the dead and scalped and wounded started pouring through after us. I found that Hesperus is not just a seer but a healer, as we both worked to figure out on our side what the hell had happened.
- Apparently, Darkvale went to Sir Chan Ottokar, but only if he stayed in Chimeron (he had left before), and if he signed a very heavy contract.
- This caused political unrest that blew up everywhere.
- Innocents were slayed by the monsters.
- The word 'aspis' was on the lips of many who, once alive, were past the gate.
- We were not welcomed back, and this also started the hatred of Aspis to Chimeron specifically (although I feel they hate a lot of people all the same). I cannot help but wonder if Chimeron would be in this predicament now if Sir Chan did not stay with them.
- The only follow-up to the last quest I can give is that this August, in Rhiassa as a neutral ground, Chimeron and the Aspis created and signed a war treaty: the War of Shadows is this October. I, for one, will keep with Coventry on the Western Flank this time.
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