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Oh man, I haven't done a stream-of-conscious scribbling in a while...

Anyway, so several of us went out into the bleary, dreary, cold and FRICKIN' rainy morning to help out Croxus, a baby dragon. Vawn was there to help revenge or avenge the baby dragon, but I'm pretty sure the rest of us were there for the chance to 1) slay an older, more evil dragon, and 2) get some pieces of said dragon's horde.

- Lava sucks.
- Fire elementals are terrible constructs of Darkness and should go back to the All.
- Almost all of Invictus was there. From ER it was Sir Vawn & Liana Coupant, Drake, and Jace. I came up from Coventry and Liselle from Mythguard. Sir Hermian, Sir Tara, and Phoenix Rose were there from Gryffindor. Kurt and another nice dude were from Blackwood. I think I got every one.
- The weather was terrible, even for being in a cave.
- There was a healer in there, being held prisoner by a bunch of goblins, named Marthus. He seemed upstanding. We got him some pants.
- The pathways in the beginning didn't matter, because they all led to the end.
- That dragon was a bitch to hunt and kill, and then it turned out there were more dragons (Good luck to Neden and to Celtrex's group!).
- There was much loot.
- There were also two spider webs of awfulness. Swoop got stuck in them a few times. Sir Rillian, however, was fine (yay, Diskordia!).
- Sir Vawn Coupant became incorporeal for a time, which was crazy and I don't recall why.
- Aoife (Effa) of Invictus and Iawen appealed to The Gray Man and ferried the remains of a long dead person (and its soul) back to where it needed to be.
- Some terrible woman with red scale armor (or maybe she was a dragon herself) accosted Sir Tara, Squire Liselle with information of a bad sort when Sir Iawen deflected it via Divine Aids.
- Something about the energy, life-force, or other spiritual/emotional/mental things being torn away from children and turned into spell components. That. Is. Effed. Up.
- Phoenix Rose and Sir Tara found more things pertaining to Red Autumn.
- The spear that Wrath loves so much is called Arthur's Spear of Dragon Slaying.
- I was granted a book! - I'm scribbling that down now so you can all read it elsewhere.

We finished before the volcano erupted, and were well rewarded for our services. We kicked that old dragon's behind and pretty much held on to each other; as far as I can figure we all had each others' backs.

...and after being scalped by lava, that's pretty much what I remember.
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