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Before I Wake

Monday, June 12th, 1006...

I'll do my best to write this down as clearly as I can, because I keep forgetting things and then remembering them out of order.


Lucien: A young man, very pale skin with dark brown hair, eyes, and a bit of a growing beard. The Dreamer was slain in the Real World (Realms). The younger brother by three years. Loved his brother, Gabriel.

Gabriel: No physical description came forth. Strong. Liked to play catch and was extremely good at it. Went off to become a Stormguard and never came back.

The Peregrim: people who 1) told Lucien, the Dreamer, that if he helped in their experiment he'd find his brother, 2) wear white 'masks' (faces) with white veils covering their mouths. Also responsible for new 'plague' (much like the Sleeping Sickness), and partly responsible for the creation of the Cat Dream Lord.

Other people in this story:

The Cat Dream Lord: Made of memories and ink, now deceased. True Name known then destroyed.
Mirrormor: also known as Acolyte Isaiah, the one who consumed the Cat Dream Lord and Red Widow's hearts. A hell demon released from a mirror by Gaiden Shadowfyr and Slaader.
Acolyte Jonas: Wit is his weapon, and he carries a small stick. His stealth is very good.
Master Millich: Easily distracted and very slow to get to a point, and yet understands the Dreaming ridiculously well. A fragile mage. Leader of the Misty Hill Mystics.
Red Widow: Once a powerful Dream Lord and a Nightmare of the Drow, her heart and powers were consumed by Mirrormor.
Councilman James: A 'masked' (brown-faced) man with a large staff of darkened oak who spoke of (then believed) elements of the Dreaming.
Councilman Marcus: Another quiet man with a 'masked' brown face. Carries a tall, yellow-wood narrow staff.
Stormguard Cross: A big man who fights buckler and great weapon; stalwart defender of his people and their dreams. Never smiles, not a bit of humor from him.
No Name (The Dark Child): This man carries a large sword and has a black and cranberry 'mask' (face) with tiny white hands by the right eye. Was very aggravated that we were there and that we 'ruined' everything, but made no attempt to work with us as in his eyes we had no strong leader. Called The Dark Child by Cross and the Council.
Wyldborn: Monsters that ran down peasants and killed them unmercifully.
Memoirs: Violent memories shaped into the servants of the Cat Dream Lord, now servants of Mirrormor.

Update: 9/27/16

I found a journal entry of my mother's that apparently covers some of this adventure, and then some. Strange... - Iawen

This is all very bitter-sweet for me...
A long while ago, Ceres Whiterose gave me a task to fulfill, but rather then tell her I didn't think I could do it, I said I would.
Ceres passed away of a disease that no one could cure, and Luna's informed me that she may or may not cycle, but it'll never happen in my lifetimes.
That saddens me to no end.
...in the mean time, I have a white rose that will not wilt, cultivated by Ceres herself, to give to Queen Titania, the false, mad queen of the Seelie. Yet Ceres loved her. I loved her, too, once... But now, I will keep watch for an opportunity to pass it on, just like I did while Ceres was alive.
And when I hand her the rose, I will gauge her reaction... and by then I wouldn't be surprised if some person stabbed her. I wonder if I would still jump in to protect her. She is still Queen right now, and Faerie's protection is of the utmost to me.
I remember when I wanted to 'grow up' as Bouquet and champion Oberon & Titania. Be a Champion of the Black & White.
That twilight role belongs to someone else now. I can see it. But I also see sadness, a rejection... Iím not a Seer, so why am I continuously having dreams, visions, premonitions, and nightmares?
Nightmares... I have to figure out how to get Queen Mab out. People have begun calling ME Mab, but before I could completely refuse it, my Name changed again. This is not good, because if they keep using their words, and they donít realize that it can change a person, let along Faerie...
I hope this is the workings of what I think it is, and not Bedlam. Not of...no, I dare not pen it.
I don't want to go back to the darkness. I started there, I was sent there, and then sent there again.
Three times is not a charm.

At some point, I was able to make peace and a failing friendship with a Dreaming entity named Lucien, whom, in the end (and why I say failed) was to be lead back into the Lands of the Dead, a place that I (and many others) are not ready to cross. I bore his tales and mask for a bit, but when I saw him suffering in those lands, later that evening, for no reason other than Mirrormor chose to make all those people suffer... I had to do something. But not alone. Quayloth and I really felt we were doing to right thing to use the Blade of Reflections to send Lucien on. Instead, I think we... severed... him from something. Some place? Some one? A part of himself? I know not.

I'm not a Seer.

It's my hope we can counter-act all the terribleness that has been rising due to Mirrormor's actions, and now the tactics of the Peregrin. Or Peregrim. The folk dressed all in white with half-white masks on the lower end, almost priest-like in vestiage, but most certain devils in disguise.

I keep thinking that soon, the Dreaming is not a place I shall be able to navigate in any capacity, due to the Name I carry. That is a shame, for I am not any Knight, and have no legacy to pass on except for Lucien's tale. I'll tell it as often as I can until I cannot any longer, and hopefully someone will listen. Hopefully the mask itself will live on longer than my presence here in the Realms.

Lucien needs to live.
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