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Feast of Min (night-time)

Dreamer: Sir Iawen Penn
Date: 08/01/2010
Where dream occured: The lands of Val'Dara
Interpretation included: Yes.
Many of my good questing buddies nodded off in the middle of Min's party, and I originally thought they had too much to drink. But when they awoke later that evening (after the next champion of Min had been named), Airavarri of Creathorne and Valas of Achoria kept asking me questions about the Rhymer and dream symbolism. I didn't have many answers for them, and such after they slept I asked Luna (as it was pretty much a full moon) to grant me a Dream liken unto theirs, so I could see and possibly interpret the dream for my fellows.

The dream Luna granted me had me as an Observer, but it was a *lot* bigger than either man had mentioned. The people I remember at this point by name that I saw there: Airavarri, Phoenix Rose (called Phii), Harlest, Yohan, Valas, Baledor, Laertes and Toah of Acteon, Shane of Val'Dara, Valarie Hart... there were more there, though. Much more.
They were all surrounded by darkness, standing on this rather large stained-glass disc. There were five points a-light with torch-fire. A quick look confirmed that the five points were the ending of a star, and they walked upon a disc with a black star in its center. The spaces between each point were colored oddly: bright red, dark green mixed with light green, faded blue/almost black, orange-yellow-black, and purple with black. And they were all speaking with each other. Mostly arguing. It seemed to be about faerie (and you should know by now my opinion on those). It was then that I noticed another point off in the distance, held away from the darkness. My 'mind' traveled there. It was covered in rhime, sparkling like a galaxy under a film of cold. There was a staff, freezing to the touch, with many leaves, and a scroll. Since I could not affect anything, I sent my 'mind' back to the disc dreamers. At this point, some elf had shown up, and was arguing vehemently against Shane and Valarie. He had Toah and Valas backing him up, and was growing more and more nasty to those not on the same point as him. At some point, though, Valarie joined the elf on his point, and they had a much quieter conversation.

Airavarri had managed to somehow get himself out to that other point. With magic, he summoned Phii to him as well, and the three of us from that point could see that all the others on the disc were being manipulated, and pretty badly at that. Yelling, heated discussions, mockery. That's right, there was this one new adventurer... blue bandanna... what was his name? Celestral? Sistal? Something... who was holding his own at the blue point against the elf in a verbal match. It was then that Luna revealed to me that each 'point' was magicked, and that those standing upon it, while still themselves, would act out in the ways of that which empowered the point: the Defender, the Inventor, the Druid, the Dreamer, and the Mage(That made a hell of a lot more sense, by the way, as to why Shane of all people would get into a yelling match with someone).

Airvarri was able to garner attention from both Baledor and Valas, but in an effort to summon others, botched it somehow (I don't know how) and Baledor decided that 'Enfeeble Being' was the best way to 'fix it'. I remember watching Valas and Airavarri say, "NO!" but Baledor had already rattled off the verbal and the two were gone, leaving Phii and Valas alone at that point of ice. Not sure why that happened... usually Enfeeble Being doesn't work on like-adventurers. There was another female there on the disc now, speaking with Shane, Laertes and Yohan. She claimed to 'own' Earth & Water, which is about the silliest thing I've ever heard. You can't just 'claim' the elements; they're older than any living being in the Realms. She soon left, and I found that people were just disappearing: Valarie walked to the middle of the star and just was gone. Shane and Harlest decided to just 'make a road' and disappeared into the darkness. Toah and the elf left, Phii jumped off into nothingness. Soon, almost all of them were gone except Yohan (and some woman he was dancing with), and I noticed that they left behind a scroll. I looked at it as Airavarri and Valas had remarked to me before that my Spell Mastery list was on this scroll, and that I was tied to the Rhymer as a construct or a spell (which I know to not be true).

It was an illusion, then Luna decided to show the truth behind it in return for a favor. I agreed, and what I saw astonished me. The dream, while most of it had been true, and truth had been spoken, was heavily manipulated by outside forces. Since I knew that many people had been fighting the Black Star Guild, I grumbled against them, but Luna angrily corrected me, saying that no mere humans had done this. This troubled me greatly, and I saw upon the scroll that while many had been called, few had answered and that a prophecy that Luna spoke about through Gaiden at North/South War was utterly true, and that the beast that had affected this part of the dream-scape was responsible.

And she was beautiful and terrible to look at, all at the same time, and I found myself weeping.

That's when I woke up, and went to bathe in the river at Val'Dara, so troubled was I by the dream.


To see a torch in your dream, represents self confidence, ability to succeed, enlightenment and spiritual confidence. With all the talking that was going on there, I wouldn't be surprised if something came out of it. To see an elf refers to some imbalance and disharmony in your life. The elf often serves as a guide of the soul. Alternatively, it suggests that you need to be more carefree, worry-free, and light-hearted. If you see a star in your dream, it symbolizes excellence, success, aspirations or high ideals. You are putting some decision in the hands of fate and luck. Perhaps you are being too "starry-eyed" or idealistic.

Further more: to see a pentagram in your dream, represents humanity and protection. The five points of the pentagram symbolize the connection of your spirit to the earth, air, fire, and water. These elements contribute to various aspect of your well-being. It signifies protection. A scroll in your dream, however, represents your hidden knowledge or ultimate potential. Why people saw my Spell Mastery list makes no sense to me, however. That's the most I have for everyone. - Sir Iawen Penn, KoEF, wanderer
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