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The Houses of Stars

The Houses of Stars is the currently known (and probably wrong) term for the people that live among the constellations, or among the gods themselves (though *they* are not gods, nor even demi-gods in power-level).

When bad things happen to the Houses, the Keeper of the Stars, Hesperus, is called into being by one of the Neo-Hellenic Gods, Zeus. All that is gathered about the Houses from here on out is written or acquired sporadically.

For those of you who will be questing to save the Stars, I have some information for you. Please take some time to find your sign, for guidance might be needed to reach the twins.

Be guided by the Twelve Houses,
Hesperus Star-Keeper

((OOC: It is up to you to decide whether you want to use your IC or your OOC birthdate. It would be interesting to use your first event that you attended as that character as your IC birthdate. Enjoy!))
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