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July 23rd, 1012

Greetings, Magus Faelinn.

Saka, Monique and Borjid have arrived here at Folkestone Hall. There, they learned that several people had decided to go into The Dreaming to learn more.

At around 3 bells in the morning, Sir Tetch was attacked in her room by Greer on July 18th. Those that went to the room found sign of a struggle, blood, and some other liquid.
Those linked to the KalenDral scented something foul, probably Bainen. Anyone not linked to the KalenDral smelled a very faint scent of sea-water.

At this point, the smells are gone, and the bed is no longer wet (thankfully). Radstar determined that the blood is from at least 1 wound (not enough for a scalping). Piper determined the bed was also soaked in sea-water. Baledor and Rorin, Tetch's Braeling, can no longer sense her through their link. The Iink was severed.

A Raven dropped off a note. The missive is plainly printed on common parchment and bears no seal or
signature. It read:

"Sirs and Dames,

Can you see the most basic foot-soldiers of your enemy yet? Is there
taint upon the bed clothes or elsewhere in the vicinity?

You are not ready for Greer. But if the dam is broken, try following the
river's new course; perhaps from a place where sleeping is seeking."

Baledor determined that there was no sign of Taint in the bedroom. Magnus figured out that Tetch is nowhere that Aurora's light could reach her (I know, unheard of). Sir Callin learned that Tetch is alive, and somewhere called the Pure Lands. Have any idea where that is?

Sir Guilliam and myself are taking charge of guards on those going to the Dreaming. More later, maybe. - Iawen
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