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Feast of Min 21

To be fair, it was Feast of Min. So, that being said, here's what I can recall:

A really good breakfast with Magus Atticus, Magus Bright, and Brenna (I believe that was her name), and finding fresh figs for Twery.
Watching many people have fun on and in the castle one could bounce and joust in.
Flattering women, then heading off to the river to join said women for a good tea and bath.
Using James Swift's public boasts against him, and thus trapping him in a faerie's dance around the fire for the evening.
Going for a slight tumble with Sir Tetch. I lack any of the good equipment, however.
Tossing Sir Tetch at Shane, calling 'Tag'.
Watching Quinn run for his life from the overly-amorous Sir Tetch.
Sharing a blanket with Apprentice Gavin, and us waxing philosophical over food until our conversation turned to murder as a punishment recourse (whether it was good or not).
Hearing about a Champion of Min not handling his liquor well and smashing a watermelon over the host's head. Was escorted from the gathering (and rightly so), as Min is about the party, not being so drunk you choose to be angry, unsafe, or worse.
Watching Hubris, the Fire Show. Missing Airavarri. Missing Valas.
Being molested by two 'Pig's Foot' by a drunk Gavin and his lovely (also drunk) red-headed Rhiassan female companion. After three washes the pork smell left the Coventry tabbard, but my smile is still there.
Having a great conversation with Sir Eldritch, who attempted to get Sir Aven Dar to do a flaming shot (which he turned down).
Watching the dancing fire from the top of the hill, missing Sir King Cecil.
Listening in on conversations late into the night by many a person, worried about the state of the South, the North, and the relations to Bedlam/The Infinite Dark.
Finding out that Johan of Mythguard was now a Counselor to the Queen of Faerie. Good luck and godspeed there.
Watching Ged & Tria dance around the fire as if there were only two people there. That was and still is the best memory I have: their shadows dancing over the entirety of the woods.

...and over-looking most of this, either I am the world's biggest voyeur or I just like observing. Maybe both.
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