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Small Gods 1015

So, through the help of Rekees, Magnus, Jean Baptiste, Boom of Grimloch, Ezra Chandler, Orion, Rudy of Grimloch, Swoop of Riverhawk, Kyomi, Sir Therian, Drake of Eagle's Rook, Sanjay, Viro, Aldar, and probably others I am sadly forgetting... anyway, the Small Gods incident was ended peacefully and amicably. Vesta, Whisper, Nike, and Sia-Hu opted to become a family of demi-gods, their own group, and did not accept Amon-Thoth as their father figure type (did not add him to the family).

Rekees champions this group, I believe.
Jean Baptiste is in hawk for life to Amon-Thoth, but serves Nike for a year and a day.
Orion is a follower and servant of Vesta.
Swoop and myself have thrown in with Whisper for a year and a day.
Boom and Drake are going forth and talking about Nike for a year and a day.

There was a lot of Dreaming stuff that took place: people actually walked out with a sword from the The Dreaming. Clearly, nothing bad could come of that. I also saw first-hand that people had to go to The Dreaming (fall asleep), and when they awoke they spoke of The Risen Kingdom... so those guys are there, too. Bollocks. There was also the Order of the Subtle Thread, a rat or a mouse named 'Stuck', Ezra angering some nutty dark elf and getting split into three people, then put back together. What else... hmm...

Realms Outfitters was there, the giant orange tabby sadly passed away, more buildings were opened up to us, and the lands are much smaller as civilization was constructing new things near-by, and most of the trees in that area are all gone. Speaking of which, the Trappings of Civilization were about and very useful. There was also Hildebrand who called out to a Genie again? There was an old poem from the Lost Kingdoms or something that was apparently updated. It was a Blue Moon Friday, and everything was very chaotic those days. Someone pointed out it was Diskordia season, so She may have had her High Holy Day on one of those days.

The Temple of Time somehow was deposited into the lands of Rua Thar Cinn, and Rosetta led the charge to get the random individuals and items back to where they belonged. The Avatar of Chronos spoke of needing a new Champion, but any interested parties must seek him out themselves for more information.

There were allusions made that the Black & White would be hosting trick-or-treating and games during the day, but some spooky things during the evening. Everyone is excited that Aymise of Felwood is back to feast-o-crat it.

And that is all I can remember at this time.

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