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You! You! Fight to the Death!

It was April 11th, 1010. A sunny day, and Tara Harkon was hosting a tournament day within Chimeron's gardens for really new adventurers. Plenty of us 'oldbies' showed up. Don't get me wrong: I'm not an 'oldbie' yet, but as the bar was set at two years or younger for an adventuring career, many of us showed to either speak politics, enjoy the mock fights and battles, or to help marshal for Tara.

Sir Mahkta, Alex the Wee, The Youngest Mckrye, and I were given a handful of non-combative tournaments to run. Grimloch showed up in a large group. Lord Cecil was there and surrounded (per usual) by beautiful women as he sat in the shade in a comfortable chair.

Quinn was bouncing around from tournament to tournament, doing very well for himself. There was also members from Ariland there, many Independents, and people from Acteon if I recall correctly. Faelinn was also there, and had to rescue Orado from Khalenar, who at the time was (jokingly) into slave-trading. Orado had been tied up like a hog and pulled down the giant hill (if you've ever been to Chimeron, you know of which hill I speak), and I think the Lady Faelinn purchased him for some feathers. Rhiassa was also in attendance.

In the end, I met many new people: Telerie and Piper for instance. Piper I think now is petitioning Folkestone under another name, and Telerie is a part of Blackwood, the current Champion of Min, and my second squire to the Knights of the Eternal Flame for her service to the community and Realms at large. I also met Aldous, who is firmly entrenched in Val'Dara, and two of the Althorne brothers from Ariland.

The winner of the Ritual tournament received a mask that basically forced the truth from a person, 24-7. I believe one has to be dead or scalped in order to have it removed... there are some other notes to it, but I'm sure William Althorne (the winner) could tell you more.

All during the tournaments, one could earn coin markers to gain prizes, among other things. The sunny day ended with some person winning a candle from the many prizes they could choose. That candle made its way North, and I have since lost track of it. Probably for the best: the North can handle their own.
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