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Black & White '13

It was the Black & White, 1013. M.R.

Sir Magus Bright Oakfellow did the food. Magus Atticus, called Tam Lin, was the one handling the magic. Much work was done to change the Regional Magic in the lands of Chimeron. There were quite a few adventurers there, both new and old.

Valarie Hart, Kieran, and Altana Cecil came to visit from the halls of Danann, quite ghostly (as they were dead from the War against Bedlam). There was also a woman from the past, present, and future (supposedly) named Rita Thunderwalker, who was looking to deliver the Lunicy Umbra Blade to King Cecil, and deliver messages and gifts to others who traded in rocks.

There were many tournaments and games. The mail-box to Pater Yule made a quiet appearance.

As always, I'm half-deaf and after filling in where I could during the day, court started and I only heard bits and pieces of it.
- Altana's will left a bunch of things to people, one of them Demetria, but I heard she was gone, too. Magnus and Kahlenar were also named, in order to not father demi-gods on to make brothels out of the tea houses.
- Quinn was made a Magus of the Realms.
- Valarie and Altana posthumously were made Avatars of Chimeron (Sir and Dame respectively).
- Kieran's sacrifice was noted by King Cecil, and as such no Priests of Chronos will be struck against for one year in Chimeron (unless they strike first). Interesting.
- Princess Brynn was elevated to Knight Commander status for the Knights of the Red Branch. She took on a squire for Laurante, Caleal of Ashenmark.
- This year's dessert challenge was Tiramisu, and Raynor of Ashenmark was the winner with his Bumble-Misu. He's the Royal Patisserie for a year in Chimeron.
- Atticus made a speech about something (I couldn't hear most of it and thus ducked out after a while).
- Sir AEston Stromgate recognized Patrons of the Oaken Guard: Nighthawk, Shandar, and Kiira of Grimloch. Graham of Folkestone... I couldn't hear the rest.
- Sir Duncan of Rhiassa recognized a nice family of people...?
- Sir Vawn of Eagle's Rook was made a Knight of the Realms.

There was much dancing, a very large auction, poker, and the Ritual of Light was completed once again.

I told some fortunes for people who donated food or water, and almost everyone asked how the rest of the year was going to go for them.
I missed the Ritual of Light due to supplying a service, but I still revere and miss those who laid down their lives for Bedlam. I also put in a letter to Yule. Since asking for hope, support, or a lover was out of the question, this time I asked for a wearable buckler/shield. I now wait it out (like the rest of the Realms) to see if it's possible, or if it's just peppermint.

I also found some documents on the floor while cleaning up that seem to pertain about the Dreaming, bound up with a simple yet dirty silver-gray mask. I'll put the documents up elsewhere.

I didn't see Tetch. My sister Hope joined Felwood (under Sir Therian) and pick up a pair of dom-boots. No more leaders in Paradise? Maybe. At least one of the towers is being rebuilt through the help of Laurante. Magnus is starting up a new village in Folkestone. I got to see Piper! Delinde also was very pretty, and I caught sight of her a lot in the kitchen with Bright.

That's about it. All in all, a nice, quiet gathering for all four of me, and the egg-thing.

Still wondering what the hell that egg-thing is.
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