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The Extremely Short Version

Author: Ducheneux the Red
Date: February 13th, 1008
"Once upon a time, before many of us were made, there was a Knight of Faerie, named Veryan. He fought some pretty hard battles (colorful ones, one might say) that some times took him to the mortal Realms. He met a human woman named Sarah and fell in love with her. They courted, but tragedy struck and she was slain under a tree in a soft spot between Faerie and the mortal Realms. Unable to revive her, the Knight cursed and grieved and sorrowed for years upon years wandering the mortal Realms, until all that was left of him was a powerful sidhe, filled with bitterness, anguish, and hatred for all creatures that reminded him of her.

Those creatures that reminded Veryan of Sarah were what he and his lover created, and they were the objects of his hatred: the Insectafae. He spent many, many years attempting to exterminate them, but Faerie wouldn't have it for reasons of its own, and his six Children sprang up around Faerie, with marked Trees and Children of their own.

The six were named (in no order): Baldaquin, D'Amandes, Miserable, Fleuris, Lumineux, and Coupant.

Around 1002, the Insectafae saw that they needed help fighting the ghost attempting to wipe them out (now called The Shadow), and started making preparations and plans. When most of them came to nothing, they made one last desperate attempt to save themselves in 1004, and reached out to various people in the mortal Realms. Quite a few answered the call, and even more lost their lives in the process, but Faerie, combined with the forces of the Realms, was not only able to send Sarah and Veryan (the Shadow) into a peaceful rest, but restore (after a time) each fallen hero to their friends and comrades.

All but one...

And that is The Extremely Short Version of the Insectafae story. Pass me a beer."

- Ducheneux the Red
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