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Phoenix and Fleuris Talk

A small conversation recorded concerning Phoenix of Folkestone, and one Fleuris, the Insectafae Tree Spirit.

Phoenix looks around. "So, can you tell me more about the six?"
Fleuris answers in her mind: From my lofty haven, I can see much, but not everything. What dost thou wish me to tell?
"What are the personalities of the other five like, and do any afflictions currently affect them?"
If thou considers old age and a broken heart an affliction, then surely D'Amandes is dead. Miserable is shrouded in mystery, even my Children cannot find it. Coupant was slain. Baldaquin became a victim of the sleeping sickness. Lumineux has always been flighty... but they also can take care of things themselves, or so the claim has gone for many years.
"When you speak of your family and children, do you mean them, or those that surround you?"
Those that surround me are my family.
"Is there a connection between the six? Do you want me to do what I can for the others as well? I have heard of other Guardians; is there a shared goal in this group?"
A shared goal? I do not understand. Between us, yes, but I have forgotten the connection mainly. Lumineux knows more. As for the others, yes, one can take on others. One does not need to simply help Fleuris.
"Is there anything you can tell about how to find a safe haven or how to know if it is safe?"
'Yes, the spirits will know, and they will tell you. The spirits will know, Phoenix, and they will tell you when they can.
Phoenix sat down with the Teng Huanese lunch she brought, and quietly consumed it as she thought about the given information, and then the next round of questions.
"Will I need to come here to speak with them?"
Not at all.
"Will they be joined with me in some way?"
Yes. You will be the Guardian.
"Not to be pessimistic but to fully understand, does that mean if we fail I will also be destroyed?"
The spirit of Fleuris pauses, puzzlement in its voice. Fail? What is this... 'fail'?
"Never mind."
You may say no. I am strong, and healthy, and can continue on without a Guardian, if you choose to walk away. I am Fleuris, and can only tell you what I know.
"I strive to know what I can to best make a decision but understand that somethings are revealed in time. I am willing to accept your blessing and take this role."

The floor gave out underneath Phoenix. She balked at the lack of footing and found herself falling int he dark. Knowing how high she had to climb, this would be bad if she smashed into the bottom base of the Tree. The wind rushing past Phoenix, she became aware of a light towards the end of her fall (rushing quick upon!).
Then she blinked.
It was very bright where she was, and she appeared to herself to be standing. Feeling a touch on her right shoulder, what seemed to be a ghost with no eyes was on Phoenix's side. Its outlined transparency was pink, with long, long hair and elegant wings. There was a touch on her left shoulder, and there was a red spirit, with short hair and looking more boyish with sharper, large wings. They look at Phoenix expectantly, but say nothing. Phoenix wondered briefly if there were other places to move to, but the space was so bright here it was impossible to tell. She looked at the ghosts. "I'm not sure what to do next."
The one on her left chirped at her. Will you help us rise from the ashes, mortal Phoenix? We'll help you the best we can.
"I will."
Will you do your very best in being a Guardian, protecting your loved ones as well as yourself? chirped the one on the right.
"I will," replied Phoenix.
If you find you cannot continue in your duty, you will seek help in finding a new place for Fleuris?
"I will."
Will you work with the other Guardians, and beat back the Shadow to the best of your ability?
"I will."
'Salutations. Time is short, Guardian. We are ready to depart.' 'We are ready to learn from you, to grow with you and to share your despair and joy.' 'Receive the blessing of Fleuris, the Blossom Seed. We shall be with you unless the burden is too great. We shall learn from one another's teaching.' 'Fair Guardian, should you have any questions, speak to us.'
Phoenix's eyesight took on a red haze, and the two spirits faded away. For a moment, her chest grew very warm, then heavy... she blacked out.
When she came to, Phoenix was lying on her back, which felt very sore and bruised. There were green leaves above her head, and she heard the sounds of birds calling to each other. However, the sky was gray and cold as opposed to the sunny, warm day she left. Under her hands: wet earth and grass. Sitting up, she looked for Stitch and Blaze, getting her bearings and seeing a small fire smoking near to her. What was odd, however, was the weight attached to her back...

This part of the story that I had, ends here. - Ducheneux the Red.
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