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Gaze (Vawn the Younger)

Written by: Ducheneux the Red
Date: March 1st, 1011 M.R.
There was a time when Pyr and someone else (whose name escapes me) went into Faerie and journeyed to rescue Vawn. He had been hit by... hmm, I think it was magic or something so hard that he had actually been split into two, or at least the imprint of what was done to him left a 'being' behind that thought it was Vawn.

He was brought home by King Pyr, and when he and Vawn saw each other, from what I figured the meeting was odd. Porunn(who was then attempting to be an Ivorian Templar or Knight), in the meantime had discovered the D'Amandes spirit, calling it not much more than a seed canister. In fact, if I have that small missive set here... one second:

Dear Vawn,
kicked some goblin ass.
Burned them. Caught the
little girl. She's safe.
She gave me a cannister.
Was a seed there. Disappeared.
Want me to slaughter the second group?
- Porunn

Oh, that's right, a rogue child of Fleuris had been working for The Shadow, and had knifed Gryf and scalped him, removing the D'Amandes soul and fleeing with it in her position. She was a pink-haired little thing, but she wasn't Amato. No, really, she looked a lot different. She actually still lives in Fairhaven, but I don't think anyone's ever done a follow-up on her. What's her name? Damned if I recall. Being a rogue child myself, you forget things like fellow siblings' names.

Anyway, Vawn's response was short: Porunn, Many thanks. We got the second group. We'll see you soon. Vawn

At any rate, this brief story is about Gaze. When found, he had tan skin, dark 'hero hair', and pretty much looked like Vawn, except child-built. People were referring to him as 'Vawn the Younger' for a while, until Pyr named him Gaze (which was a better name than Sibreache, Pyr surmised. How did he find out about Sibreache? Anyway!). Gaze went on to serve as a Page in Eagle's Rook, but realizing that he had all of Vawn's memories up until the split, and yet had a second chance at Life... well, the kid took a different turn. He still fights, don't get me wrong, but studies and writes a lot more, barely talks. When Vawn as a Guardian went away, sealed up for a while, it was Gaze who helped Matthias, Hans, and the others (including Mihkail) out to run Eagle's Rook. Gaze also found Lance and Vawn's bodies during the siege of Chimeron by Oberon's forces, as the Coupants attempted to clear out the tunnels (oh my fae, THE HILL). Gaze and a Chimeron Militia man (never got his name) fended off goblins, bandits, and trolls until Gaze went for help, leading adventurers to the sacred place and digging the rest of Lance and Vawn up. Vawn and Lance both were returned by Faerie to Chimeron as Insectafae, however, which struck Gaze's heart deeply.

Since then, I think Gaze still is in Eagle's Rook. There's an elf there that is training him to take over the Library, but I haven't seen her in a while, either. I think Gaze is in his mid to late-teens now, by a human's standards, by the way. I don't believe he is human, though. Think he is a changeling? Or something more? Or just Gaze.

Chat up Sir Vawn Coupant if you want the full story. Now, pass me a beer.
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