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The Blades of the Shadow

Veryan, becoming the Shadow, had weapons that he forged and fought with in planes of color. Don't ask me about the planes, I know very little. But I do know what each weapon was called, what it used to look like, what it looks like now...


Couer - it means Heart. This is the Dagger.
Signe - which means Token. This one was about twenty-four inches or so... a long knife, if you will.
Promesse - which means Promise. This one any two-path caster could still wield without worry. And finally,
Paix - it means Peace. It was about three feet, eight inches long.

They used to be blades of red with light steel that almost seemed white in battles, the magics of Faerie apparent in plants that clung no matter what to their handles.

As they came into dis-repair and corruption, the blood from his enemies was never washed away, and the Twilight consumed them, the very leaves finally being shorn away as people used them in the final battle for the Insectafae. They're red and black, now, having lost their sheen, and being used for other things.

- Ducheneux the Red
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