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Ducheneux, the Rogue Twins

Ducheneux (doo-SHAY-no) are a pair of Rogue Children, which are Insectafae that are no longer connected to their Tree Spirit. In this case, it was Fleuris.

Adventurers distinguish between the twins (as they share the same name, a trait among all Fleuris) by referring to one as The Red and the other as The Blue.

Ducheneux the Red is loud, bordering on the obnoxious, and writes everywhere she goes. She knows many a good story, especially covering the Lore and 'History' (such as it is) of the Fae Folk. While skilled primarily in Insectafae history, there are a good many other stories that Ducheneux has told over the years to educate the human populace.

The Red is buxom, and looks like a novice adventure yet the gear is all in scarlet with some brown here and there. The bandanna she wears is bright red with some silver threads running through it (all Fleuris love pretty and shiny things), covering a leather cap of brown. Her hair itself is dark brown (cut short), with bright blue eyes. She lost her antenna long ago, but still is slated to have the long/short life of an Insectafae (that is they live to their 126th birthday, then pass away that evening). She always has a smile for the most part, can be seen performing badly in song at a tavern, drinking, or following up the next good story.

The Blue is a seer, a slight sorceress, and apparently a prophet for the End of Days. Read further on.

The Blue walks with a staff, a bag carrying her Tarot cards attached to a rope belt, and a dress of bright blue. Her hair is medium-length, dark brown, with bright blue eyes. She is solemn and quiet, occasionally giving a smile here and there. It is said that Blue has more magical power and finesse than Red, but that Red makes up for it by being more mundane and yet personable among the humans (where as Blue is more aloof). Blue has no antenna as well.

To summon the Blue, one has to be at a cross-roads... go to Janus Kil'tra for the rest of the ritual. Quite easy, really. The Red tends to walk with The Blue, which was not always the case. In the Insectafae battles (or The War of The Shadow), Blue and Red had to make a decision about who to side with. The Red ended up siding with adventurers, which caused the Blue to side with the Shadow (Veryan, the Father of all Insectafae). They have a 'troll twin' power that when one is dead, the other (if dead) will get back up. While it is possible to kill the Twins, it hasn't been discovered yet if both are able to be scalped (and if so, how).

Since the victory of the Chosen/Guardians of the Insectafae against The Shadow in 1007 M.R., the Twins have since been traveling together (or not too far from each other in case of a summon), telling stories and giving Tarot reads. The most activity of recent was of a dark elf, Laurante, discovering that The Blue had made a prophecy about the battle against the Infinite Dark in Daybreak, and it came to pass as the Blue had spoken.

It is rumored the twins are in their eighties.
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