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Destroying Black Annis (Vawn)

Author: Sir Vawn Coupant (transcribed now by Sir Iawen Penn)
Date: March 10th, 1006
This was shared with: Janus, Phoenix of Folkestone, Mohan of Rhiassa, King Pyr of Chimeron, Tarnisha of Chimeron, Kellerburan, Rio Greenleaf, Buredan, Liselle, Cimone, Dame Shalindra of Tarngire, Kyomi, Chan, and two names I don't recognize: "Silence Bringer" and someone(thing?) named "Glow Pig"... at any rate, while sent out by Sir Vawn of Eagle's Rook, there are notes on this document by Rio Greenleaf as well. There are also compilations of data mashed together with other writings... I'll try to denote all the colored markings where I can, too. - Sir Iawen Penn

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(Guess we'll cover Black Annis later? This must be for everyone else.) Is the Archive helpful, or not what you were looking for. I've seen a few folks post, but don't know if it's too much information, or stuff people already know. If there's a way to make it more helpful, let me know. Also, is a mass summary like this helpful?

Lots of stuff here, much of which is likely not new for those who have been involved for a while.

Introduction to Insectafae
This is a basic summary - mostly gleaned from Metron's journal with a small amount of information left out for the sake of security.(I'll ask him later for it.) Most of this, along with a number of divinations and some related poems can be found in the journal Liselle put together. There are some brief notes I've added below some sections in italics.

Insectafae are a race of creatures from the Fae lands. Bouquet and Sarriette are both members of this race, as well as others we have now found.(Ask if I could possibly be one.) They live in families or clans or whatnot centered around their "mother" Tree, which is not only a physical home they live in, but also contains the Spirit of that family. If the Tree is destroyed while the Spirit is inside of it, the bloodline will by and large be wiped out. There may be some survivors but there are no future Children. There are only six Insectafae Trees. The Insectafae themselves generally live to be 125 years old. Most, if not all, are effectively vegans.
The six Insectafae trees/clans left are Baldaquin, Coupant, d'Amandes, Fleuris, Lumineux, and Miserable.

She/Her/The One - Can we find out her name?
She is the "mother" of the Spirits that became the Trees. See the first section for their origin. It is believed that the quest that the Spirits and Children are on is to resurrect the lost love of the Fae elf. She was human originally. It seems as though she will be able to keep back the Shadow when she is brought back, either just by protecting all her children, or bringing the Shadow back to his senses. Phoenix had a Dream in May about a maiden sleeping naked, covered with daisies. She believes this was the One. {The Blessings of the Six are needed so that the One may re-appear.} - d'Amandes speaking through Aberes in Paradise in May.

The Shadow
A creature that we know of only as the Shadow seeks to wipe the Insectafae out by destroying their Trees and the spirits within. All signs thus far seem to indicate that he may be the corrupted or mad spirit of the Fae elf who lost his love, from which the seeds of the Insectafae first came.
There is a whole subtopic on this individual where additional details should be kept.

Rogue Children
Insectafae must return to their Tree once a year (at the Summer Solstice) to maintain their connection to it. If they do not do so, they become "Rogue Children". It is unknown at this time if they can simply choose to go Rogue, or if its possible to be separated from their Tree and unable to return. I am sure they are not all malicious. One of the spirits that is trying to help us (in his own way) was a Rogue Child, as are the Ducheneux twins.

The Guardians protect the Spirits of the Tree. This Guardianship imbues them with certain abilities that vary from Tree to Tree. It also enables the Spirits to move and hide where they could not while they were bound to land in the form of a great Tree. The secondary purpose of the Guardians, beyond protecting the spirits, is to teach them, nuture them, for the Spirits are really still children in many respects. Lastly, they are to (in theory) help the Spirits fulfill their goal of bringing back the One, probably fending off an attack from the Shadow while they perform the ritual to bring Her back. (What ritual? Nobody mentioned this to me.)

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