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A Recovered Note-Page

This is a recovered piece of writing I procured from a heap of papers. - Sir Iawen Penn

IF Trees

Spirits that need bodies

From Fae

A long time ago.

They grow... they're Trees.

Sir Vawn (looked at by Coupant), a Knight, Eagle's Rook, March 1005, hmm...

Current Guardians:
Sir Vawn - in it for the long haul, as is Kyomi. Cimone is the newest, so as of yet has done nothing. However, she is being guided along by
the previous Guardian, Rekees. Shalindra wants out. Josua hasn't said boo, but I think from watching him that he'll wish to hand it off if Shalindra is leaving. Not sure yet what would make them wish to leave, though. There's rumored talk of a baby, but I don't think that's true (believe it when I see it). Phoenix is missing, and Kwartz is on edge.

Coupant is very twitchy due to lack of real battle, but has been quiet and respecting its Host. Lumineux has been gathering more and more materials, setting a place for the ritual, usually when its Host is unawares. D'Amandes is lonely, missing its old Host and nervous about the new one.
Baldaquin is content. Miserable is helping the Host search for a new one since it believes that one should only enter in willingly. Fleuris is divided; one is lost and one is confused.

Coupant's children train hard in fighting, day in, day out, and into the night until exhausted. This wouldn't be good for normal, mortal children, true; I doubt it's all that great for the half-breeds. Lumineux's children are doing what they do best: serving and setting up the Bright Idea. Domiyana & Sarriette are doing their thing. Miserable's packs are busting out of hibernation. Baldaquin's children are all awake. Half of Fleuris's children are confused, the others are on edge. Ducheneux the Blue is ready to lead the group astray while Bouquet has decided to remain neutral (except when it comes to her fellow D'Amandes directly). I, the Red, am going to lay out needs to be done for the Insectafae when I get my next chance.

Where should the ritual actually be done:
Well, if I can find a safe place in some unclaimed lands that also prove to be soft enough to find Faerie, then no laws apply from the Mortal Realms, and nobody has to worry about Nations or Guilds or stupid stuff like that. Daybreak seems like it could be good, but they're just starting to get their feet on the ground, so maybe I should leave the villagers alone. Mushroom Forest is ideal, but I don't know if approaching Lumineux and his ilk to suggest a change in the Bright Idea would be well met. It would, however, tie it in. It should be completed at night, as that's when The One was killed. It should be done after a meal, because that's the last one They ever shared.

How should it be done:
Good question... I've been a happy Rogue Child from Fleuris for so long, I don't even know if my sister or I still recall the ritual in its entirety. I don't even know if I can record what they DO end up doing if I'm running alongside them. It would mean having to knife my sister, even if it's temporary. That would make dinner later very awkward. Something to drink about and muse on, I suspect. Hmm... Maybe I can get my sister to read the cards for us, under a banner of truce.

Later...(hastily scribbled) While the Guardians and their friends are fighting the Shadow Goblins, those who wish to stop their Friends from dying forever and never will join the Shadow, or be placed within his darkness due to ignorance, and they will fight the children of Coupant, Miserable, and Lumineux. If Coupant falls, Fleuris will rise up and take his place with a passionate vengence, but otherwise do nothing to stop the
tide. Baldaquin will be the silent messengers in the trees, back and forth. Anything can change. A man, a man there who can reforge the Blades of the Knight, the Blades of Shadow. But they were not always of Shadow. A shadow I see of this man, this blacksmith. The Guardians, if successful, are only winning until Death and Burial, and then the rest are left up into the hands of the Living. As it was when The One was killed, and He made Us what we were from Death. The Shadow will come and square off against the Host of Insectafae, and the squadrons will pit themselves against each other. Then will the real test of time begin, and Faerie and the Fifth Lady will intercede, but only if the Friends survive long enough to bring back The One, who will embrace the Shadow...

My friggin' head hurts, thanks.
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