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Sir Vawn's 1st Set of Notes

InsectaFae Trees summary

What the heck are Insectafae?
Insectafae are a race of creatures - Bouquet and Sarriette are insectafae. They live in families or clans centered around a Tree, which is not only the physical home they live in, but also contains the Spirit of that particular clan or family. If the Tree is destroyed while the Spirit is inside of it, that bloodline will be wiped out (there may be survivors, but there will be no future generations). There are currently only 6 Insectafae Trees left. They apparently live to 125 years naturally. And they eat flowers and such.

What is the danger they face
A creature currently known as the Shadow, and his minions, seek to wipe the Insectafae out by destroying their Trees and the Spirits within. The Bound Woman was also a threat to them, but the hope is that with her destruction (if that's the correct term), she is no longer one. More information on the Shadow under "Foes" below.

Why do they need human/non-Insectafae Guardians?
Not entirely sure to be honest, but I get the sense that while they could do so it would cost them their "insectafaeness", perhaps making them mortals. The main benefit of the Guardians seems to be that they can move (and therefore hide), where that wasn't an option for the Trees. There's also the razor-sharp wit and charming personalities, but I think its the legs that make us most useful.

How long are the Guardians going to need to be Guardians?
Dunno. I don't think there's a particular time-frame like "for the next month or the next six months". I think it's "until we summon Her and defeat the Shadow or die trying".

What are the side-effects/ramifications of being a Guardian?
Depends on the Tree - specifically the personality of the Tree.

Agent - Insectafae spirit, can help with some information but is constrained by "rules".
Court - a great Coupant warrior, Vawn's "bodyguard", and an international incident waiting to happen.
Ducheneux (the Red One) - an insectafae scribe, possibly from Fleuris? Don't know much about.
Ducheneux (Fortune Teller, Rogue Child) - Insectafae who abandoned or was separated from her Tree. Not sure if she is definitely an ally, but think so.
Kyomi - May become a Guardian. Has conversed with some Spirit that may have been the Bound Woman but is still talking now. Has extensive notes/knowledge of the Trees.
Metron - has been very helpful in diving information regarding the trees and also a great resource of knowledge.
Sarriette - Bouquet's sister. Obviously has a vested interest. Need to speak with her.

I'm not sure who "She" is, but I get the sense that it's either some uber-Guardian or other protector of the Trees, and that once every tree has a Guardian we can somehow summon her or wake her up or what not.

" 'When the Shadow comes to claim us all,
Blades will rise, we will not fall.
Coupant anew, a seed begins,
Coupant will bring Her back again.
The Six in One, the Spirits rise,
The Hosts live on, the Faeries fly,
Six come forth, be Shadow's bane
The One from the Six bring us together again'..."

The Shadow

- My guess is that he's an insectafae gone bad, but that's all it is. Seems male, but insectafae can be fairly androgynous. Definitely packing some high-powered magic. Seems like a straight-up fight would be a Bad Idea (tm), but can't say for certain that he's invulnerable to normal blades. Definitely tricksy and cruel. Clearly needs an ass-whooping.

Shadow Goblins - seems to mostly be just goblins working for the Shadow. There are apparently some spell-casters amongst their numbers that can summon forth the Shadow. A stain upon the earth to be eradicated when the time is right.

Other - The woman who corresponds with Kyomi? Not sure if she's a friend or enemy. Or both.

D'Amandes - Curiosity? - Gryffin - Safe/Bonded
Coupant - Battle - Vawn - Safe/Bonded
Baldaquin - Canopy? - Josua - Safe/Bonded
Fleuris - Perfect Tree or Blooming? - Phoenix - Safe/Bonded
Miserable - Tree of Many? - Shalindra - Believed safe, no Guardian currently
Lumineux - Light - Kyomi - No Guardian currently, may have been lost

What needs to be done
1.) Need to find and confirm Guardians for Miserable and Lumineux ASAP!!!!
2.) Need to review gathered information we have in terms of the poems and any other divinations or knowledge those closely connected have
3.) Need to figure out how to summon/awaken her, and probably should get a good idea of what that entails before we do!
4.) Need to learn more about the Shadow
5.) Need to share the information that we have, carefully, with the other Guardians, Sarriette, and those who would help us and would also be good about not spreading the knowledge carelessly.


Other things that need to be done?
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