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Jouet - Just a toy...

Author: Bouquet
Date: unknown
Jouet - a toy of some of the Children of Lloth, and eventually a construct of Arioch, a then-god of chaos.

Her creation stemmed from experimentation of Zurak, producing broken creatures with the same name. Tied to Gryffin Darkwillow, these constructs were made of flesh, magic, wood and steel. Each creation was stronger and more 'personable' than the last, but each one was more susceptible to orders. The first Jouet was a lure of Ghal's, I believe, for Gryf. The second was tossed out on the surface, broken beyond repair and thrust through a chaos gate with the young Darkwillow. The third was sent with Amergin and Gryf into Arioch's 'safe-keeping'... the fourth was equipped with a small weapon and a slight personality, but was then shut down and is kept 'sleeping' somewhere in the Realms. The fifth was filled with magic and ordered by Ghal and Sclos (I might have her name misspelled) to 'keep watch' over Amergin while he went to fight for one of Arioch's sons...

The sixth is rumored to be awake and serving Zurak, but there have been no sightings. It has been claimed there are ten in all. All the Jouets that have been sighted tend to have bright white hair and patches of pale and dark flesh sewn together.

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