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Public Missives 1003

Type of Missve: Varied, yet all public list
Date: 1003
Responses: Again, varied
Most of these don't have translations, but one is welcome to try, or at least to tack on the stories that go with it. They are here in all their written glory... for better or for worse. - Sir Iawen Penn, KoEF

Thu, 22 May 1003 From: "Gryfinn LeFey"

Subject: Seeking
eairthin uriu tlus morfel... Usstan talinth natha talthalra zhah wun quarth.

Fri, 4 Jul 2003 From: Tallon

For as long as I have seen over Neden we have always had a no predujest policy. This includes Drow. Drow have always been allowed in Neden. As of now we
also have a few Drow citizens. predujest however, does not come to factor in the matter of the Drow of Lloth. In this case without justification and with
cruel intent the Drow of Lloth have invaded, tortured and declaird war apon a nation of the Realms. This will not be tolerated. As I have already informed
Shalindra, Neden is at the disposal of Tineguire for any needs of this war. Followers of Elistraee, including thoes living within Neden borders, on the
other hand, have not displayed these actions and thus we have no reason to harbor ill will tword them-


Response 1:
Tallon, your words mean much to us. Unfortunately, the majority of the realms see us "dark, pointy eared people" as bad. If they would look beyond the color of our skin, as you, Neden, and a few others have done, they might discover that we are not all that bad. We fight as we must, particularly when we are attacked simply because of our skin color. We give aid when we can, whether it be for Neden, the few we can call friends, or even for those who have judged us unfairly in the past--there is no prejudice when it comes to doing what is right, and honorable. Maybe some day the people of the realms will unite, and fight against that which threatens all of us---not amongst each other.

Lady Sapphire
Lord Ghando Sa'Vinn
House Darkflame
"the drow on the hill"

Response 2:
To those who this concerns:

Rathkeale will always tolerate those races that walk our lands peacefully.
That includes Drow, as well as undead. It is one thing to say individual drow
can walk our lands, and another to ally with an entire nation.

We will stand by our friends in Tarngire in defense of their homeland. But
we will not be party to drow hunting in other lands. To each their own, and to
every being the right to exist in their own lands, be they human, dwarf,
drow, undead, or orc.

Lord Artex Bluebane
of Rathkeale
Knight Commander of the Silver Chalice

Response 3:
Lady Sapphire

Your words ring with all too much truth, but is laid most on the stresses that plague
those that fight the drow considered a "threat" to our world.

They just... go about it the wrong way... The stereotype, and make assumptions that can
cause so much meaningless death it sickens me... Occurences like those at the Feast of
Leviathan this past year are attributations to that "level" of control breaking in those
who daily battle the forces that would do you and everyone harm.

If you could, I'd like you to make yourself known to me, so as to be able to identify one
more of the dark kin who do not hold a blade Against this upperworld. Such voicing does
well for your security as well as everyone elses...

To All:
Help is still needed in Tarngire... Please, people of the realms, send what supplies and
what troops you may spare... The land is at war with a force but a few miles beneath
their feet.

Again Lady Sapphire, your words are due truth, and a problem I will try to help rectify
by whatever means possible, and this goes to all those who walk among us under the guise
of what may be called an "evil" race... Let your voices be heard... You'll be suprised
how much good it will do for you.

-Gryfinn DemAvalon Grefeather
Former Incubus, and lived to tell about it ;)
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