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Soul Spiders

Author: Cyrl'llph Luaala
Date: unknown
A creation of the Children of Lloth, the soul spider, or as they are sometime called, mind spiders, are a way for the Children to keep tabs on those mortals they have taken an interest in, or are concerned about. Invisible to the naked eye, the spiders allow one of the Children to see through the eyes of those they have infected them with. As well, they allow the Children to send thoughts directly to the mind of one who has a soul spider attached, in the same way, they can read the thoughts of their chosen.

There is a way, however, to get rid of these unwanted aberrations. One of the Chosen of Elistraee can see those who hav become infected, and indeed they can, by the grace of the Lady, kill them. [ed: the infected or the spiders?] The soul spiders are not terribly resistant to damage, and once spotted can be crushed with minimal effort. However, the Child of Lloth who planted the mind spider will be aware of it's [sic] destruction, and if they were looking through the link at the time, will know who killed it. They are aware the Chosen of Elistraee can kill them, and will quickly associate anyone they know has killed one of their pets with Elistraee.

Cyrl'llph Luaala
Priestess of Elistraee
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