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Vhaerun, Patron of Assassins

Author: Luaala, Priestess of Elistraee
Place/Gathering Discovered: Feast of Leviathan
Date: Jan 1010 M.R.
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen Penn
This ripped document has a date: April 4th, 1007. - Sir Iawen

______________ , brother of Elistraee ____________ Corellion and Lloth before ____________ cast out. Vhaerun is most worshiped by drow males. Patron of Assassins, Thieves, and all things that make their living in the Shadows, he is very often involved in some quiet scheme against his mother. Always careful to never show his involvement, yet always nudging his followers to greater and greater acts of resistance.

Vhaerun wishes, or so I have heard, at least for all elves to work together for the betterment of our race. He even goes so far to show some tolerance for humans, far more benevolent then _______ still so very far from ________ Elistraee. It is in his __________ we see the true evil that _______ any means acceptable, from a knife in the back to a cup of poison, his methods normally being less than honorable. Though he hates Lloth, he fears her and so never makes an open move; always preferring to remain where he cannot be seen. The same is usually true for his followers. Trust one only as long as you can see them, and always keep an eye out for the handful that you can't.

I have no idea as to _________ the rest of __________ ; I would assume ________ them at the __________ distance he keeps the rest of his family. While some, like Zurak, fit his methods, others such as Sclos and Iaran are too far direct for him. I would imagine that like most of his siblings, he has a fortress; some deep, buried city where his word is supreme, but I have not uncovered any rumor of it. I will admit to not having dispatched as many agents to search for it, or his followers out, as I have for the other Children. His lack of involvement in the current round of machinations has let me concentrate on _______ whereabouts of ______ Children of Lloth.

A last warning: I still would ________ off-handedly dismiss Vhaerun. Just ___________ not yet involved doesn't mean he won't be; the moment he sees an advantage he can exploit, he will enter the game with all the resources he commands. It is which side he will join that is our greatest concern.

Cyrl'llph Luaala
Priestess of Elistraee
Tags: Non-Player Character, Monster Type
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