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Ghal, Princess of Despair

Author: Luaala, Priestess of Elistraee
Place/Gathering Discovered: Feast of Leviathan
Date: Jan 1010 M.R.
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen Penn
This one has a date on the document, of April 17th, 1007. It notes that there are more documents to collect. This document here was ripped. - Sir Iawen

Of the princess of despair... what can be said about the enigmatic Child of Lloth known simply as Ghal? She craves no power, she desires no territory, and it is even said she cares not for the petty squabbling of her siblings. She simply is, and she exists only to perform the duties charged to her by ________

_____ has faded into legend, her story known only to a few; but it has been handed down, from my ancestors to me, through _____
Tags: Non-Player Character
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