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Sclos - The Middle Child

The story of Sclos and how she came into being is somewhat inconclusive. It is said and speculated that Lolth mated with an ancient red dragon and born from that came her middle child, Sclos.

Sclos was said to be Chaos incarnate, full of hatred, quick to anger, and full of ambition. Jealous of her older siblings, she devoted herself to her mother. The only thing that was certain about Sclos was that she was devoted to her mother and would do anything that was commanded by Lolth herself.

Sclos was easily recognized by those who were unfortunate enough to meet up with her. She had red scales like a dragon and black skin as a drow does. She was tall, and slender, and capable of decimating entire countries with just a breath of fire. This can be confirmed by an account, unconfirmed, by a young mage named Hope who witnessed Sclos's anger at the people of the Realms when she burned Tarngire to the ground.

She had a severe hatred for all males, though did not discount their usefulness with breeding or pleasure. Unfortunately for those she mated with, death was swift once she was satisfied.

In the battles after she first stepped foot into the Realms, Sclos developed a knack for being one step ahead of those who opposed her. She obtained a sword said to be the only weapon capable of keeping her in the grave time and time again. At times she would use it to torture those who tried to use it on her or get it from her.

In the end, Dame Twenaria gained the sword and managed to drop Sclos once and for all after 4 years of terror and Chaos in the Realms. Some state that Lolth herself appeared when Sclos fell. She touched her devoted child and then vanished. The body that once housed pure chaos in the Dragon/Drow form crumbled to dust. No one is certain what it is this visage of Lolth did to Sclos, but speculation abounds.

If anyone wishes to add or correct this account, I welcome your stories as I am only writing from what I hear. I was unable to help in the fight against this Monster as there were pressing matters to attend in the west.

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