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Children of Pain and Murder

Author: Cyrl'llph Luaala
Date: unknown
Of the Children of Pain and Murder

It would be easy to dismiss the twins, Sabrae and Sabrar. Easy enough to write them off as bitter and spoiled children, children who have immense power and little regard for the pain and suffering of others. They are young, mere children to ones as ages as myself, being perhaps two and a half centuries old.

Their parentage isn't as unusual as one would think. They are not full drow, indeed, rumor has it their father is a mere incubus. That would indeed make a great deal of sense, from what I have heard of their appetites. While they both find other partners, it is commonly believed that they mainly seek the comfort of each other's embraces. Such behavior is not unknown in drow society, especially amongst the followers of the Spider Queen.

All tales tell that the pair is typical of drow society in many ways, capricious and fickle, they are extremely cruel, delighting only in the torment of others. Raised by their accursed mother, the pair seeks to out-do each other, in some mad sort of game. For example, hear this tale of the Twins:

My sources tell me this happened perhaps a hundred years ago, deep within the realm of V'Shaern-nas. 'The City of Deadly Delights', it is known as. Slavery runs rampant here, and the dark city is 'graced' by a gladiatorial arena where slaves fight for survival. In many other lands, gladiators fight in order to eventually earn their freedom. Not so here. The gladiators here fight only to survive until their next match. It is a harsh and uneasy existence.

Sabrar had found himself a female he was most particularly fond of. An elven woman I am told, slender and beautiful, with long auburn hair and pale skin. Rumor tell that while the girl was not entirely approving of her fate, she grew to appreciate the feelings he had for her. While her name has been lost to history, and I dint know her, I think perhaps she thought to try to use the Son of Lloth in order to find a way home again. And now, I cannot know.

Sabrae grew resentful of her brother's affections for this girl. Perhaps Sabrar was not working in tandem anymore with his twin, perhaps. Perhaps he no longer desired her affections, not that he had acquired this girl that he should not have has. Now, stories tell that Sabrae waited with all the patience of a spider for her brother to grow weary of the girl, but it never happened. Sabrae's resentment turned to bitter jealousy. bitter jealousy gave way to anger, and finally...to rage.

She is not known for being a particularly calm, Sabrae. I have heard some liken her balck moods to a great storm of wind and thunder. But at my age all I can liken her too is a spoiled, pampered child not getting her way. Unfortunately, that spoiled child is imbued with the powers of a godling. The elven girl never stood a chance. I am told that she still lived, watching all the while as Sabrae had the skin slowly peeled from her body. This was of course right before Sabrae plunged the sacrificial knife deep into her, send the poor girl's soul to the Abyss. Sabrar went into one of his own rages of course, yet Sabrae merely laughed.

To pay his sister back for this outrage, Sabrar sought out her favorite lover and began the slow mutilation of the boy. I say 'boy', for though he may have been past the age to be considered an adult of drow society, he had not yet seen the turn of his first century. The stories are vague as to what he actually did to the boy, yet all seem to agree on one thing: Even for a drow, the boy did not deserve that fate.

When she found out what her brother has done, Sabrae merely laughed and vowed that this game would never end, for it was such fun! Sabrar, ever one to indulge his insane sister, merely agreed that this was so. And so it has gone on and on, with eithr once never truly gaining any ground against the other, yet manipulating the lives of those around them, destroying those who have no way to strike back, and feeding off the pain and death visited upon those whom they destroy.

The only one who is close to them that they have not destroyed is Dabrae's favorite slave, the one known as Beast. And him I will detail later.

Perhaps if their true names were known, the Children of the Abyss, they could truly be destroyed or even banished. If there could even be some way to bind their power, for unlike the others, they are extremely ambitious and hungry for even more power.

Cyrl'llph Luaala
Priestess of Elistraee
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