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On Lloth and Chaos

Author: Cyrl'llph Luaala
Date: unknown
There has been much speculation lately among our scholars about the sudden and unexpected increase in Lloth's power. While we still are not positive why, one theory that has been put forward is curious enough, and worrisome enough to bear further merit

Recently, which to those of elven heritage is within a mere few decades, there has been an upsurge in the conduits to those realms known to be dominated by chaos. In this I speak not of merely realms in upheaval but those places in the astral that have succumbed to the power and seduction of primal chaos. Which, so I have been told, is the raw stuff from which the universe was birthed. Here in the underdark, more often we have stumbled across a portal to these strange realms. Always in some remote location, the faint glow of energy and the strangely mutated animals that emerge the only hint to their location.

Lloth's growth in power has coincided with the dramatic increase in the number of these portals, and we now fear she has learned some way to tap into the energies they contain. If this is true, we face a foe the likes of which we have never before even dreamt of. With this new found power, she could easily bring completely under her thumb all of her children, our Lady Elistraee included. We watch ever more cautiously for any signs that Lloth is indeed tapping these portals.

Another theory we have, is that she has found some powerful ally on one of these planes. That this being is what has granted her such an increase in power. I will admit that we hare doubtful this is the case, as we have seen no signs of a new player in the eternal games of the underdark.

Whatever the cause, Lloth herself has been strangely removed from the schemes and games of her children With only Elistraee and Vhaerun as exceptions, her children have begun to jockey for position. Elistraee we know holds no secret desire, and Vhaerun we believe waits for a definite sign the time is ripe to move openly. Perhaps the Spider Queen merely is playing out enough webbing to snare all her willful children, or perhaps the newfound powers we had observed are waning. We greatly fear that they are still waxing, and Lloth is merely learning what new tortures and evil devices she can unleash. For now, we watch, and we pray.

Cyrl'llph Luaala
Priestess of Elistraee
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