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Another Son of Lloth, Zurak

Author: Unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: Unknown
Date: April 7, 1007 M.R.
Transcribed by: Dame Jeyde IceBreaker Thunderwalker

Zurak - Prince of Fear

Of all of Lloth's children, Zurak has had many tales told of him and his nefarious deeds. A lover of fear and terror, he has had millennia to perfect his arts. Far beyond causing mere physical pain, he delights in the torment of the mind. His games have destroyed more than any human or elven army. The pain he has brought has tumbled many a great hero into helplessness. Residing in his demonic city of Zurisban, his talons stretch far beneath the surface lands known as the mortal Realms. Wherever there is fear, wherever there is terror he is there. Watching, delighting, whether it is from his hand or not, all fear feeds him. It is his sustenance, his nectar.

Know this, when you awake in the night, sweat pouring from you, the after image of some nameless night terror still sending shakes through you... it is him you feed. From his throne, carved from the bones of some truly ancient beast (a beast, it is rumored, he slew from fear alone); he schemes, he plots, and most of all he brings fear.

Subtlety is his forte, his calling card if you will. Zurak takes no greater pleasure than in laying a plan that will take years to develop. Each stage lures his victims into ever deeper panic, ever greater mind horrors until finally his victims are consumed by their own greatest fears, succumbing even as he laughs, savoring each terror-ridden shudder he has wrought.

Among the Children of Lloth, he is singularly alone. With none of the more or less permanent alliances the Other Children --

(and that's all I have. - Dame Jeyde)
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