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Gryfinn Darkwillow's Thread

Sept 7th, 1010 M.R.

Thanius, Xander, and Bohis...

I dont know, or care who you three are... But this is your one and only chance to resolve the scalping of my man without my lord getting involved.

You do NOT want my lord getting involved.

I suggest you contact me with explanations quickly... I am not patient.

-Gryfinn DarkWillow

I'm sure no explanations, forthcoming or otherwise, will be enough to sate Gryffffff's (I wasn't sure how many "f's" I'm supposed to in there) desire for swift retribution delivered by someone else's hand because he can't do it himself. If any of you are actually worried by any of this I suggest looking for a solution to this problem now rather than waiting until he decides to tell his big brother on you.

Never let anyone bully you, unless you're a bully.

Kahlenar Swingline


Please do not misunderstand, this is something that isn't about bullying, it's fixing a problem that should not have happened in such a manner that it did.
That's all.

-Phoenix Rose Dawncry-Nosetti

Shut the hell up. You are ignorant to this situation and are running your mouth with no justification. I am dealing with this situation before it escalates and do not require an idiotic peanut gallery who loves to hear itself talk.


Can Gryff contact me as soon as possible?
I have the information he wants.

Thank you,
Phoenix Rose Dawncry-Nosetti
Elder of House Nosetti
Heir to House Dawncry
Master Scribe and Historian of House Nosetti

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