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Type of Missve: Public
Date: January 22, 1010
Responses: Two known
My Dear Lords, Ladies, and Citizens of the Realms,

After much time and travel, I have found myself longing for a place to call my own. I have wandered these lands of yours for a year now, and have found the hospitality and friendships that I have long been searching for these many years on my own.

In my youth I had grown up in the valleys of my world, never venturing into the mountains for it was said only those who seek enlightenment should enter them. Being born female, it was rather unnatural for me to think of myself in the highlands or mountains for that matter.

But since I am no longer bound to the traditions of my kind, I have decided that it is time for me to take my newfound freedom and see where it might take me.

With your permission or if anyone wishes to speak on the matter, I have decided to claim the side of the southernmost mountain located south of Wendmor, west of Yarra Draug, east of Shadowmarch, and north of the Western Borderlands and the ruins of Nin-Edin. I have chosen this place since it is the closest midpoint in the Realms left unclaimed, and it is here that I wish to build the true Jade Dragon Tea House.

As always, the tea house is a place of commune and peace. Its location is for those who seek a place of common ground, and not a place for blood shed. As I have said, matters requiring the sword should be taken elsewhere. I wish to also make this a place of relaxation and retreat, and in time I should I earn the funds to do so, I will open a bathhouse here as well.

Once more, should anyone have matters pertaining to my claim, I would be most humble to listen to your terms.

I thank you, and may balance be with you.

Altana the YinYang
January 27th - I do not know you and you do not know me and if this is late in the coming i would like to speak on it. I have something of near there, and would like that kept alone. Many people in that area still see that as part of the borderlands and the tribes in the area also like to be left alone. You tread to close to chaos for something without conflict to exist.

Lakomasoi Nuntiak
High Priest of Harlequin
Eternally Laughing

Dear Sir Iawen and Lord Metron,
I received this letter recently from a Lakomasoi, High Priest of Harlequin, pertaining to the mountain I laid claim to five to six days ago.

If what she speaks is true, I will need to work with both of you to discover a mountain in the same range that we all can agree on as a neutral zone without venturing too far into Wendmor or stepping on any of these tribes.

The message I have copied and sent to you both.

May balance be with you.

Altana the YinYang
Do it anyway. He is nothing but a hanger-on who wishes to be in Grimloch (if he's not already as a dog), and when you join Grimloch you give up the things, people, places you were with (to a point).

Also, Lako doesn't adventure. If anything he is a breather of hot air who likes to intimidate through passive-aggressiveness disguised as a heart-felt warning.

Besides, I am tighter to both High Lord Cinnabar and my fellow Knight, Baroness Shalindra. If Lako has an issue, he can bring it up to them, or send him to me. The young pooka forgets that I, too, in a fashion, was once of the Empire and thus technically Borderlands.

He is piss and wind, with nothing to fear from him. If he actively returns to make a claim (him, not someone on his behalf), then it can be dealt with later. I'm sure that won't come up as he is an impulsive fae being.

- S.i.a.p.(technically Nero)
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