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Soul Prisons

Type of Missve: Public
Date: October 1010
Responses: many
Greetings Noble Adventurers,

I am also looking for information about a Soul Prison, a specific one.
An associate of mine has informed me that one of his associates was
entrapped in such a device, and is looking for that specific Soul Prison to free her.

The Prison I am seeking looks like a crystal ball, roughly the size of a billiard ball.

Please feel free to contact me with information about this Soul Prison.

Rewards will be given to those with accurate information.


Trademaster Damion Browning
Red Arrow Emporium
Hahahahahahah! I sense a rampage of senseless violence soon. I'll get the popcorn. This should be funny.

Do yourselves a favor,

Don't accept this contract.

To hell with that, I'll just show up and pass off about 16 billiard balls as soul gems and come out on top. - Swingline
Oh, poor spear kid. I'd really hate to see him in a soul prison.

~ Locke
Allow me to be more clear,

This contract is not of a laughing matter.

That someone is looking for this object so publicly is a major concern.

What it houses should never be released.

Who's soul has been imprisoned? Or what? Why are we playing the obscurring the details game, it just leaves to question who's on the just side. Now, I'm not the type to oppose the idea of keeping some great despotic evil locked away, but I don't think it's right to leave Cletus the Pig-hoarder in there, if you follow me.

Granted, its none of my business either, but I'm sure some people might leap to a side unaware of the details, and I'm just saying shed some light and let people make their own choices. After all, you've made the topic public already.

I am not normally in the habit of speaking out here, but this is a matter of enough import for me to break my silence.

I echo the words of those who warn against any dealing regarding the 'soul prison'.

I do not believe the information as to why should be horded, but it is also wise to use discretion when speaking of important things publicly.

I am happy to provide more complete information from those who seek me in private, either in this forum or at the Black & White.


To Echo Sir Aeston,

Most of our enemies have ears. Depending on what we are discussing, it is very possible that opposing forces not amoung the heroes of our Realm can easily intercept these posts.

Most matters of importance should be discussed somewhere less public and face to face. Spread the information, absolutely. But not to the wrong hands.

Yours in Truth,
King Sir Pyr DarkWillow
Ditto to what my brother said. Er. Brothers.

I am avaible for question answering as well.

Nope. This is a laughing matter. Hilarious, in fact. Its laughable that the Bad Guys (tm) actually think this will work. Its Hilarious that they think we've forgotten. Seriously???!!! Its only been... what? 10 years? Last time you guys did this, you were a little more patient. Wait another couple hundred years and try again.

We're going to play a fun game. Its called Chop Whomever Decides Help this Guy into at least 200 pieces... More than Once. Don't be that guy!


Oh geez, this digs way back. Seriously, wasn't someone supposed to keep track of those things? Trust the old and crusty adventurers here kids. No good can come of messing with this stuff. I was young and green back when we last had to deal with this problem. No good can come of it.

Anyone who wants to know why not to play with magical trinkets can talk to me as well. I'll have a story for you. I'll be at Black and White.

Might I suggest making the discussion part of Court?
That way everyone will likely be present, and it can be discussed all at once, rather than repeatedly over the course of the festivities.

Hopefully I will be able to attend,


If it is a discussion that is needed, one of this nature is welcome at our festival. However Court is not the place for this song.

I invite those that would wish to speak of these matters and any guests that would wish to listen to gather in the court room around Tea Time (usually being 4 or 5 chimes past the sun's Zenith). I will have the time announced. - Pyr
This is not a discussion for any court. this was a problem that was taken care of. Talking about it will only dig old wounds back up. Lets leave the history to the past. and forgotten things forgot.

And then the missives on this topic stopped. (October 19th-21st 1010 M.R., Sir Iawen Penn)
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