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Red Arrow Missives

Type of Missve: Public
Date: November 1010
Responses: yes.
(Meta: The following document is writen in clear, flowing script on nice parchement. For some reason though, those of you connected to the Kalendral, or of a more 'nature-magic' type of personality/magic find something about the letter and parchment disturbing - either it gives you the shivers, or it smells unpleasant, or something about it gives you a slight panic attack.)


Greetings Heroes of the Realms,

I am seeking information on an individual that has something I need.
I unfortunately do not have the individual's name.
I know the person is female, and looks human, but is not. She is about 5'6", with dark brown shoulder length hair, dark brown eyes, and is of average weight. She appears to be in her late 30's or early 40's. She dresses in white and grey, with black leggings and black boots. She is in the company of a black bunny rabbit with white markings.

If you know this person, or know her whereabouts, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your time,

Malchior Rivenquest
Red Arrow Emporium
Heidenkreis Division
Would the Lady Rune (Tetch) please contact us at her earliest convenience?
We believe you have the key to an item we wish to possess.
Or, if the Lady doesn't normally frequent inns, could someone pass along this message to her, or perhaps let us know her wherabouts so our messengers can find her personally?

Thank you for your time,

Red Arrow Emporium
Heidenkreis Division

No, we will not tell you there whereabouts of people.

Anything you wish to discuss with Rune, you may discuss with me.

In fact, anything you wish to discuss in regards to these lands you may do so with me.

Lord of Folkestone
Magi of the Realms
To all members of the Red Arrow Emporium,

It seems that you have been operating within the lands of Heidenkries with out paying the proper dues to the controlling gang.

This will not go on.

As of this moment, all members of the Guild of the Black Rose Have orders to kill on sight. We will also be finding all buildings of operation and burning them to the ground. In other words we are going to make life a living hell for you.

Heidenkries is our turf, don't ever forget it.

Guild Master of the Black Rose
It's on.

Guy who gets shit done [in] Hedenkries
Unto Z, Guildmaster of the Black Rose,

Perhaps we can come to an equitable and less bloodthirsty solution?
We at the Red Arrow Emporium do attempt to pay all fees and dues in whatever land we operate in; that we failed to meet your requirements is simply an unfortunate oversight.
Please do contact our legal counsel at "Dewey, Skuem and Howe" and we will be sure to have an appropriate consent order drawn up to satisfy our obligations to you.
If you refuse our offer, we will be forced to defend our assets and our personnel as best we can, as ask for the Knight of the Realms to defend us against this unprovoked and unreasonable 'insurance' scam.

In Truth,

Guildmaster John Faust
Red Arrow Emporium
In case people do not know...

The Red Arrow Emporium is most definitely NOT a simple merchant company. They are in fact, working with the Unmakers in some fashion.

They are evil, and need to be destroyed. They go against the natural order of things and while I am unsure of all their goals, I do know that no good will come from allowing them to trade, or even exist.

I urge all, if they exist in your lands, route them out. If you require aid, it will be given.

Lord of Folkestone
Guildmaster Faust,

You seem to be confused, this is not some kinda of exstortion or insurance scam.

Let me make it simple so you can understand.

This is a Guild War

If you would still like to contact a Knight of the Realms, let me know I am good friends with a good number of them.

Also, your guild is not welcome in the lands of Kalithnos, they will also kill on sight.

Sir Zula Darkwillow
Lord of Kalithnos
Knight of the Eternal Flame
Knight of the Blue Rose
Knight of the Red Branch
Magi of the Realms
Guildmaster of the Black Rose

Who are the Unmakers, Lord Malaki? And where did the Red Arrow Emporium originate?

- Sir Iawen
The Unmakers are the Kal kre Bain. They are the antitheses of creation and seek to destroy our world like parasites. They would see the end of the natural order of things.

The RAE has been here for a while, hiding it would seem. I do not know for how long. But we need to root them out, for the safety of our existence.

What does the RAE *do* - are they priests masquerading as merchants? Is there a point-man one can look to or find that could scatter them all if defeated? - Iawen
We are still working on the best way to deal with them. All I know for now, is that Malchior is a vampire, and nothing they seek to do could possibly qualify as good.

Is he more powerful than Azriel? - I
No. Azriel was the first vampire. Of all vampires Azriel is the strongest. We don't know what he is capable of. M

For the record we got nothing to do with these people. And, apparently, never will.

Stay oughta my ports Red Arrow Emporium... You're bad for business... And apparently peoples health..

Whattsa kalkeeban?

Did you seek the consent of Lord Dalamar before setting up a business in his lands? I'm guessing the answer is no. I am sure he will support the Black Rose in this, being a charter member and former guildmaster. Welcome to how we do things in the Ghetto.

Sir Mestoph Darkling of Folkestone
Knight of the Blue Rose
Champion of the Ghetto
Meta: The writing is very ‘professional’, obviously the work of a scribe. The wording however is not so polished. It is very likely someone paid to have this written for them, and is probably not literate themselves.


Where is Justice?

To the powers that be,

I have worked as a craftsman and merchant for the Red Arrow Emporium for going on thirty years.
I am a leatherworker by trade. I craft many things, from shoes to bags, to belts and sometimes armor.
I have been working in my shop for all of those years. I am a good member of the community, and work hard to keep myself and my family fed and sheltered.
I live in Portsmouth, in the lands of Folkestone.
Today, I heard the news, that I am to be hunted down and killed. That my home, and my shop, is to be burned down and destroyed. That my family, my precious family, is to be hunted down and chased, evicted from every civilized land if not killed on sight.
I am in the autumn of my years; my son was to inherit the shop. Now, you tell me there will be no inheritance. You tell me I am evil, working for evil forces, and should not be listened to, only destroyed.

I do not understand. I have worked all my life. I have worshipped Brenda faithfully and even given praise and worship to Chuck and Kurt at times. Why am I being so judged? What great wrong have I committed? Where is the proof? Why will you kill my family? What has my son’s little girl, a tender thing of three years, done to deserve this fate? To be cast out of our homes before the hammer of Winter falls?

I am too old to run. If I must, I will defend my home that my family can escape this unjust purge.
I hope and pray that the others of the Red Arrow Emporium escape this madness, and will fare better.
If there is Justice in the world, please help us now. And if you cannot spare me, or my son, please leave the women and child be – they only live here, they do not work for the Emporium.


Aaron Tanner
Leatherworker of Portsmouth

Seance when are there people living in Folkestone, besides the members of the nation?
Wow you leave for a few months and everything changes.

As far as I knew, the only killing was happening in Heidenkries not Folkestone.

You ask where is the justice? I ask where is the truth?

Mr Tanner,

You work for an evil at the core company that has been corrupted from within. You may not be affected but others are.

Should you and your family wish to survive I highly suggest you speak to your Lord Malaki.

(Meta: this handwriting is not as fluid and polished as the last set, but is strong and sturdy)

To the Truth, (and Z.)

There have been people living in the lands of Folkestone for many long years.
Not all are sworn directly to the Lord, but we abide by the laws as we know them.
True, there are not many towns and cities in the land, and life can be hard with the undead, orcs and barbarians that frequently raid, but we do exist, and we do seek to keep peaceful relations with our neighbors and the lords of the land.

I too live in Portsmouth. Callin and his sister Kia come in from time to time for dinner at my shop.
I know the Tanners, they are good people. I have met many a man from the Emporium in my time, too, and none strike me as ‘Evil to the Core’.
I too, would like to know where the proof is. I too, would like to know why it is the powers that be have essentially declared war on everyone in the Red Arrow Emporium – innocent or guilty - if it is only ‘the core’ that is the problem. It seems awfully heavy handed to destroy a man’s livelihood, and condemn his family to starvation or worse simply for the actions of a few.

Again, I ask, many of us ask, where is the proof? What are the ‘crimes’? Why is this not being addressed, but rather swept under the rug with bravado and arrogance? Perhaps we are too low to deserve an answer?

I suppose my ‘outburst’ will cost me my life too, as I must be in league with these Evil to the Core people. After all, I’ve bought their goods. I’ve sheltered them in my tavern. I’ve fed them, joked with them, drank with them. I guess that makes me Evil too.

Troubled and questioning, I remain,

- Marianne Copperpot
Manager and Owner of the Silver Spoon tavern.
To The good people of the Red Arrow Emoriaum living and working within the Lands of Folkestone.

As far as I know all the killing is in Heidenkries not Folkestone, I would ask your Lord on his take.

A bit of advise, if you work for or have anything to do with the Red Arrow Empourim, I would think long and hard about setting foot in the lands of Heidenkries.

Dearest Marianne,
Doing honest business to subsist with Evil men, and not being
complicit in their crimes does not render you guilty of their sins.
Even if you know they are up to nefarious ends, and you aid them with
little other choice for your livelihood and the livelihood of your
family, you are not to be at fault. It is when you knowingly unduly
gain from actions of evil to then you become complicit in their
The Emporium, as I understand it, is a relatively large
organization who makes a good deal of their living trading in power
and items toward a dark end. There are many people in these
organizations, such as lesser tradespeople, craftsmen, and brokers who
do not directly have their hands in anything wrong. You are not to be
blamed, and you are not the problem. Evil generates a lot of business.
We have probably all gained in some fashion through these actions:
taxes and tarrifs paid, permits and licenses, and the different nearly
invisible effects these people have on any given town.
When people say that the Emporium is evil "to the core", it is
better put that it is evil "at its core". They mask themselves in
legitimate business on a day-to-day basis and look towards your
natural resistance to these threats. It's a part of their strategy to
have innocent townsfolk turn on the heroes that they help.
As for your current situation, I need innkeepers and craftsmen and
various merchants to help supply the work of rebuilding Queen Aideen's
castles, and my general troop fortifications in Illinar. I will make
you an offer to buy your inn, and should you accept, I will send an
additional carivan on the next supply route to get you, you things,
and your family down south to us. The money that you make on the
transaction should be more than enough to set up within the secured
borders of New Darkharbor. There is enough war chest money to make it
through the Winter, and portal trade doesn't require there to be clear
roads. Tanner, if you are reading this, I also need leather armorers,
barding, and packmakers. A similar offer is being sent your way by
courier as I pen this.

It's a generous offer, one that I hope you take. I am sorry that you
have been caught up in this. I am guilty as many others of taking
broader than necessary strokes in missive.

-Sir Cain
Lord of New Darkharbor
Champion of Light

ps: We've been taking the longer, but safer trade route through
Chimeron proper. Apologies if some goods in the north are more
expensive, but we can't afford to travel through Rhune. Hiedenkries is
not on the way.
Sir Cain,

Please stop trying to poach my commonfolk.

To all commonfolk in Folkestone, rest assured, steps are being taken to allow goodly craftsmen to continue their trade. Only those I find guilty will suffer.

Lord of Folkestone
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