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Imprisonment Over the List

Type of Missve: Public Lists
Date: 11/10/10
Responses: Three public.
(November 10th, 1010 M.R.)

Could somebody in Val Dara with the acumen required to read, please
relay this to Tak:

I would like to discuss the topic of his petitioner trapping and
torturing a portion of my countrymanís soul in a Fae rune (soul
prison.) Iím also curious why this information was withheld during the
related discussions at Black & White.

Prince Sir Gideon
Knight of The Sable Dragon
Knight of Garm
Crown Prince of Coventry
Prince Sir Gideon,

Perchance I could convince you to speak with me, personally, on this matter? Considering this whole mess is my fault, and how many questions keep arising, I'd be more than glad to give a summery of what occurred to any one else curious about this.

Phoenix Rose Dawncry-Nosetti
Lady of House Dawncry
Elder of House Nosetti
Master Scribe & Historian
Dame Twenaria,

I will not deny that I did in fact trap Tillion within a soul prison using the Fae Runes while I was possessed (since I can not think of a better word for it) by another known as Curse. At the time I felt no guilt or pain at what I had done, but when Curse left or was removed from me (I still do not know which or how), the realization at what I had done horrified me.

Curse, at least with myself, likes to use those who call upon it. Taunts and teases theme with things they desire, and it left me with none of my better judgment, and all of my greed. Tillion, being the friend to me that I thought I would never have, tried to pull Curse's hold off of me. I admit, I was frightened at losing that power, having lost so much already over my life, and I lashed out, using two strings of several Fae Runes to kill and trap his soul.

Before I was freed from Curse, I had never heard of a soul prison. Now it haunts me to know what I did. I only wish to make things right, even if they never will be.

- Phoenix Rose
Unto the Realms at large,
It is my duty to inform you that my lord wishes any other comments, questions and such pertaining to Pheonix Rose and the matters from Black and White please be brought to him. He understands that there are many parties that are involved in this and wishes for them to be handled appropriately. As the Herald of Val Dara I will gladly accept all of your letters and bring them to him.

Blessings of the Tides and Seasons,
Herald Shane Ishan,
--Herald of Val Dara
--Tea Master of the Calm Shores Tea House
--Chosen of Galbash
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