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Don't Do It

Type of Missve: Public
Date: October 1010
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Bohis and all who try similar,

This is not a threat but a statement of fact.

Attempt to open a way into Bedlam and I will end your existence.

Attempt to retrieve something or someone from Bedlam and I will end
your existence.

Attempt to seek out through magics, or just plain traveling into,
anything inside Bedlam and I will kill you to keep the Darkness from
corrupting you.

Nothing good comes out of Bedlam!

I made a mistake by not interrupting the ritual cast to get Airavarri
out of Bedlam that Saturday night. As a result the ZulaBois was
released into Folkestone and a very special tree was destroyed by it
while it escaped into Fae. I will not make this mistake again.

Darkness consumes. Darkness corrupts. Darkness destroys. Anything you
hope to find is gone. If you want to do anything, then you should
continue what he began to do. Aid those of us fighting the Darkness
and drive back Bedlam.

Laurante D'Rhian
House Kai'Desh of Mezu 'Rhu Taigan
Magus of Slaanesh
Champion of Min
(ooc: this message is written underneath the other, it is written in a shakey, almost childlike hand.):

Hope is a bitch goddess.

But dawn comes after darkness.

I like Hope.

When the Dark is gone for good, we can search for the dead hearts and lost ones.
(October 26th)
To my fellow adventurers of the Realms,
I wish to speak my peace on the matter of Regionals and the Wayland path in a separate place so not to take away from the discussion about the threat of the Gruagach. Now I am unsure if I have been misinformed but I do believe there is a way to remove your connection to a path of Regionals. I was informed a while back that there is one way to remove your connection to a path of Regionals if you completely remove your knowledge of Regional magic from your self. I believe that if this is done you may bond to a different Regional path. Now I will bow to the knowledge of my elders and the Magi of the Realms in this.
As for the Wayland path it self, I will admit I have little experience with this brand of magic and can not say that even starting down a new path of regionals would fully break your connection to Wayland. However I also believe that intentions will go a long way in this, as belief rules the magic of Faerie and though it makes me sad to say the Wayland path can be seen as a path of Fae magic.
If what I have been told is wrong then I do have a plan that I am forming and will be investigating between now and the Feast of Chimeron.

Blessings of Tides and Seasons,
Shane Ishan
Hey guys,

I would not get to concerned about the Wayland path. It will not be around for much longer, so in my opinion doesn't really fit it to this.

Yes, I know I said that over a public missive. He knows we are coming for him, no big surprise for him here.

Sir Zula Darkwillow
It seems like there is a lot of talk about Wayland magic being a viable option in dealing with the Gruagach and other fae "problems".

I will remind everyone of this:

Wayland Smith forged weapons of hatred to take revenge on the faeries that had so wronged him. He also crafted magic to terrorize, entrap, torture and destroy all manners of Fae creautures. While seven blades were forged, it was the Fae themselves who weilded the weapons against each other during the Purging. Hatred and this "viable option" led to the destruction of countless beings.

I do not know how to severe the tie to these magics of the land, but it should be looked into further.

And yes, Zula. He knows we come for him.

~Faelinn Shadowmoon
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