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A revelation and a curse

[Note: I had to write this in the third person, because it will get too confusing otherwise.]

One day, when Ged lived in Rel's Grove, and Rosetta was still imprisoned, they began a conversation, as was common at the time.

Memories now are vague, but it is likely that in this conversation, Rosetta brought up lingering resentment that Masks had never "let" him form a Bond with a Deep Fae, unlike all the other Counselors.

Ged and his friends had been learning about the First Age, and assumed that everything they knew, Rosetta would too. So Ged thought nothing of it when he mentioned that Masks was a Deep Fae itself. I cannot remember exactly how it came up, but it was likely a question involving whether Masks interceded with the other Deep Fae.

However, what was obvious to Ged had been a secret long hidden from Rosetta. Masks had been an enigma in the First Age, but it was like finding out

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