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I.D. Creature

Baledor sat inside his CoP with his Protect the Soul, Armored Cloak, and Resist Magic active. Fidgeting with one of his scrying crystals, he reflected on his position within Chimeron proper at that moment, and considered some of the questions he meant to ask. He took out a loose piece of paper from his book, and drew the rune Iru upon it. As a test of the extent of the connection/relationship between the runes and the original Black Star Guild members who shared the names, he placed a hand on the rune. "As fire can test gold and flames shed light to see, I shine my light upon you. What are thee?"


"Well, I guess then you're not a creature," he said to no one, and started up the next round of spells. (July 7th, 1009 M.R.)

It's true, a rune drawn on a piece of paper isn't a creature. It is an object, an item even. Just as you cannot cast Identify Creature on a page of Futhark, so can you not to these runes, the runes Rosetta made, the Runes of the original Black Star Guild. - Aven
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